Chapter 1: Gold Fever Reaches Wisconsin

     We will look at the letters, photographs and newspaper clippings in a chronological order to better understand the Edgren saga.

Edgren Collection. Jesse Edgren, Bar Certificate Wisconsin 1896.

Edgren Collection. Jesse Edgren, Bar Certificate Supreme Court of Wisconsin 1896.

Letter from Jesse's mother, July 30, 1897. 2 pages

Wedding announcement for Jesse and Mae, Feb. 26, 1898.

Letter from Mae to home. Mar. 10, 1898. 2 pages

As you read and look at the documents, consider the following questions:

     What was Jesse Edgren like? What do the letters and documents tell you about him?

     What was Mae Edgren like? Begin to form a picture of what she enjoyed? What dreams did Jesse and Mae have? Did they know that seeking gold might be dangerous? Why do you they were willing to take the risk? What did they hope to gain? What were their dreams? What events might have happened between the dates of the letters and documents?

     What do you think life was like on the trail to Dawson City in 1898 for Mae and Jesse and their dogs?

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