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     Welcome to Alaska's Gold. This website is designed to provide students and other learners with a unique way to understand Alaska's history and people. Website visitors will use historic primary source material from the Alaska Gold Rush period of 1880-1915 to explore untold stories and facts that broaden the history taught in textbooks and schools. The LET'S EXPLORE activities are organized around compelling questions in five Alaska Gold Rush Themes: The Discovery of Gold, Getting to the Gold Fields, Gold Mining, Daily Life and Our Legacy. A Teacher Guide provides additional information about the Let's Explore activities for classroom use.

Purpose and Goals

     The purpose of this website is to make historic primary source materials more available and to demonstrate to students and educators the value and usefulness of primary source materials.

     The Department of Education, Division of Libraries, Museums and Archives has made these portions of its historical collections available on the Internet for public access through a grant from the National Historical Publications and Records Commission. The original documents are securely archived in Juneau, Alaska but a digital copy is on this website for viewing and educational use.


     The Alaska Department of Education is offering public access to [Alaska's Gold] as a contribution to education. Some materials in these collections are protected by the U.S. Copyright Law (Title 17, U.S.C.). The Copyright Office provides comprehensive information about U.S. Copyright. Special copyright provisions apply to unpublished materials. The reproduction of some materials in this collection may be further restricted by terms of gift or purchasing agreements, donor restrictions, privacy and publicity rights, licensing and trademarks. Permission to use these images for publication, including electronic publication, must be obtained in writing from the appropriate section within the Division of Archives, Libraries, and Museums. However, permission to publish does not constitute a copyright clearance. It is the responsibility of the user to secure permission from the appropriate copyright holder. The Department of Education is not responsible for the misuse of copyrighted materials. For more information please contact the Department of Education, Division of Libraries, Museums and Archives.


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