Teacher's Guide

Is this a complete course of study on the Gold Rush?

     No, the activities in the Let's Explore section provide supplemental learning activities for subjects such as Alaska History, Science and Language Arts for middle and high school students (grades 6-12).

Is there an order to the activities?

     The themes and activities are not sequential and can be completed in any order. We have tried to provide a broad picture of the Alaska gold rush. The activities follow guiding questions to encourage in-depth thinking and understanding. Teachers should use additional tools like timelines, maps, charts and textbooks to help students understand and sequence the gold rush events.

Do you recommend other resources?

Yes, we include links to other web sites and provide a bibliography of other materials for students and teachers who want to pursue additional information. All links have been checked for appropriateness for grades 6-12.

Is there inappropriate language or material in this website?

     Yes, maybe. Teachers should always preview the primary source materials. The Teacher Guide will alert you to obvious sensitive areas with the code SA. Disclaimer. However, we believe there are appropriate ways to deal with sensitive issues in the classroom. We provide suggestions and ideas in the Teacher Guide.

Is the Internet safe?

     Asking students to search on the Internet without supervision is risky. Give your students a specific task, a certain amount of time, and check periodically to see that they have not strayed into inappropriate material or time-consuming games. If your school has a technology use policy, follow it. If you don't, work with your administration to establish one. See the Juneau School District's Technology Conduct Policy by going to their home page at: http://www.jsd.k12.ak.us/ and searching for "technology conduct policy."


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