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Target Online Learning

Target Online Learning

These classes are presented using Blackboard Collaborate (formerly Elluminate). If you haven't joined us for a chat before, visit this page to verify that your computer meets system requirements. Programs with audio will require headphones or speakers connected to your computer.


E-books & audiobooks for Apples

April 23, 12:15—1:00 pm
You can get thousands of free e-books and audiobooks from ListenAlaska Plus! Learn how to set up your account and get started reading and listening on your device. This session will use Apple devices, but the process is similar on Android or other systems. Outreach librarian Claire Imamura is a new but enthusiastic e-book reader.

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Following a bill

May 21, 12:15—1:00 pm
Wonder what happened with to the bills we heard about during session, like Daylight Savings, Erin’s Law, or the film tax credit repeal? You can find the status of all the bills through the Alaska Legislature website. Learn how at this webinar with government publications librarian Maeghan Kearney.

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Leading Effective Meetings

Are you sometimes perplexed how you and your group could have met for an hour and not made it through a simple short agenda? Do you wonder how to lead people out of a treacherous conversation whirlpool without stifling creative thought? Chairing meetings can be challenging. In this webinar, we will explore techniques for leading more effective meetings. Taught by Katie Fearer. Recorded on March 19, 2015

Reaching Alaskans with videoconferencing

Want to tell people from Ketchikan to Barrow about your agency’s services? Need some input from Anaktuvuk Pass or Dillingham but don’t have any travel funding? Use videoconferencing to connect to Alaskans! The Online With Libraries project has established a videoconferencing network that connects 97 Alaskan communities. In this class, we’ll walk you through how to use the OWL network for your outreach needs. Taught by Claire Imamura. Recorded on February 12, 2015.

Getting Started with Legislative Research

Looking for Alaska State Legislative materials? Prepare for the 2015 session by viewing this class. Learn where the key resources are located and how to get started with legislative research. Taught by Maeghan Kearney. Recorded on January 29, 2015.

Alternative Sources for Table of Contents

Do you want to learn about new articles published in the Journal of Aging and Health? How about Basic and Applied Ecology, Animal Welfare, or even Backpacker? The Alaska State Library’s Table of Contents (TOC) service includes over 200 diverse titles, but many state employees are interested in publications not covered by our TOC service. Fortunately, you can set up your own TOC alerts for most scholarly journals and many general interest magazines. Taught by public services librarian Katie Fearer. Recorded on December 11, 2014.

Copyright for Government Agencies

There’s a lot of confusion about how copyright relates to State publications. Find out the rules related to non-federal, governmental publications, and some options that you may have for using and sharing content legally. Recorded on November 20, 2014.

Just Google (Blackboard Recording)

We know you are using it; now learn how to use it right. In this class, we’ll highlight search options from Google you might not have known about and show you how to find better information quicker. Recorded on October 30, 2014.

Downloading eBooks (Blackboard Recording)

Have you found the ebook you are looking for but remain mystified by the download process? Or perhaps you encountered an error messages like this when you try to download it, ”E_LIC_ALREADY_FULFILLED_BY_ANOTHER_USER.” Let the Alaska State Library help.

In this webinar, we’ll cover the software, apps and accounts, you need in order to download ebooks from our collections, including ListenAlaska. We’ll also review the download process step-by-step. Recorded on August 4, 2014.


It seems like we have more retirements every year. There are books that will help you plan for the transition, whether you’re the retiree or a colleague is. We’ll highlight some good ones, and even throw in some suggestions for living the good life in retirement. Recorded on June 23, 2014.

Find Everything (EBSCO Discovery Service) (Blackboard Recording)

Tired of going to the library catalog and a couple of different databases to find resources on your topic? Let Daniel Cornwall walk you through our new “Find Everything” service. You’ll learn what “everything” means to us and how to find as much or as little as you like. We’ll show you a number of things you can do with your search results. We’ll also cover what to do when something you want isn’t instantly available as full text. Recorded on May 22, 2014.

Novelist (SchoolTube)

Have you just finished the last book in a series and want to find another series that's similar? Or want to find a book, but can't remember anything more than it was about knitting and solving crime? This webinar covers NoveList, a database of fiction titles, authors, series, and other reader-focused content that's accessible to all Alaskans. We'll include plenty of time for practice, so bring your book interests to class with you. Recorded on March 27, 2014.

Alaska History Online (SchoolTube)

Whether you need specific details for a report or just want to learn more about our great state and her people, there are some wonderful, free online resources on Alaska history. Whether you're a Cheechako new to Alaska, or are already a confirmed Sourdough, our state is large and diverse enough that there's always more to learn. Recorded on March 13, 2014.

Alaska and the Affordable Care Act (SchoolTube)

Crystal Bourland, Health Insurance Navigator for Juneau, gives a general overview of the ACA & Health Insurance Marketplace and covers the types of financial assistance available, the individual mandate & exemptions to the mandate, qualified health plans in Alaska, application process, key dates for enrollment, & resources. She also gave an update on enrollment in Alaska. Recorded on January 17, 2014.

Free Images (Video)

Looking for free, high-quality images to add to your publication or newsletter? This class will introduce participants to government and commercial sources of royalty free and/or public domain images.

Databases By Alaskans 2013 (Video)

Looking for some gravel? Want to know if you live near a contaminated site? No? Perhaps you’d like basic information about schools or an address for a business owner. No matter your Alaska-related information need, chances are good that a state agency has put that information in a database. In this webinar, we’ll introduce you to some Alaska agency databases available, and demonstrate a few of them in depth.

To find the resources mentioned in this class, and more, see the Alaska State Agency Databases page from the Government Documents Roundtable of the American Library Association.

EBooks (Video)

State employees have access to thousands of ebooks. Whether you need titles covering academic or technical subjects or just want a fun read, join us for this webinar. We’ll introduce you to Alaska State Library’s most comprehensive collections of ebooks and audiobooks: ebrary and ListenAlaska. We’ll also briefly review other ebook sources.

Apps for Alaskans (Video)

Who needs a computer anyway? Learn about free smartphone and tablet apps for using the Digital Pipeline, as well as some of the best Alaska-related apps available. The instructors are both iPad and iPhone users, but we’ll talk about Android options as well.

Small Business Resources (Video)

Do you have clients ready to embark on a new career? Do you dream of owning your own business? Learn how to locate start-up capital, write a successful business plan, obtain a business license and more.

Bills, Budgets and Hearings, Oh My! (Video)

Looking for Alaska State Legislative materials? Prepare for the 2013 session by attending this forty-five minute class. Learn where the key resources are located and how to get started with legislative research.

  • Alaska Legislative History - Print (Juneau) (PDF)
  • Alaska Legislative History - Online (PDF)
  • Legislative Resource Chart (PDF)
  • Legislative Process Flow Chart (PDF)

Foreign Languages (Video)

Find out about the fun and easy resources available to learn a foreign language, plus English as a second language. Mango Languagages is one popular option, but there are others as well. We’ll also talk about free practice and tutor options, games and foreign news sites.

Introduction to The Alaska State Library (Video)

Never again pay $50 for 24 hour access to an article. Don’t make do with unauthoritative resources because they’re all you can find from a quick Google search. You need accurate, reliable, timely information on research, regulations, news and more, to do the best job possible for Alaskans. We can help. Find out how.

What is OWL? (Video)

Learn how the statewide initiative OWL, Online with Libraries, is providing Alaskans with greater access to e-commerce, distance education and professional development opportunities..

Grant Writing (Video)

In this class, we'll cover grant writing and general writing resources, tips on things to avoid, and outcome based evaluations. There will be plenty of examples of what makes a good grant vs. a poorly written grant.

Small Business Resources (Video)

Do you have clients ready to embark on a new career? Do you dream of owning your own business? Learn how to locate start-up capital, write a successful business plan, obtain a business license and more.

Deciphering Legal Citations (SchoolTube Video)

Are you looking for laws or court decisions, but frustrated because you just can't decipher legal citations? This introductory class is for anyone who wants to learn how legal citations work.

Electronic Resources (Video)

The Alaska State Library offers electronic books, images, articles, encyclopedias, automobile manuals, and more. To make it easier to find our eResources, we’ve redesigned our web pages. In this session, you’ll learn how to identify and access the eResource you need through the library’s web pages, whether you’re looking for an eBook, notable quote, peer reviewed or general interest article, or other type of information.

What is SLAM? (Video)

Are you curious about the State Libraries, Archives, and Museums (SLAM)? Do you know the state libraries are different than their city counterparts? Join us and get to know SLAM a little better.

Testing and Education Reference Center (TERC) (Video)

The Testing & Education Reference Center is a one-stop online digital resource designed to help users meet their educational or career goals. By the end of the webinar participants will be able to research colleges and universities, identify college funding and locate practice exams. Participants will also be introduced to TERC’s Resume Builder & Virtual Career Library.

Digital Discretion (Video)

Do you deal with confidential information at work? Do you sometimes use your home computer to catch up on a task? Do you use your personal smart phone for work? These are growing issues in our modern, mobile, and often wireless society. Join us to learn some of the tricky areas in privacy and confidentiality in the digital age, and pick up tips about how to minimize risk. Watch a recording of the video conference presentation.

Health Resources for Clinicians (Video)

Designed to help clinicians access health resources available from PubMed. Topics covered include instruction on building a search in PubMed, how Medical Subject Headings are structured and used in PubMed, and how to manage search results.

Setting Up Information Alerts (Video)

Do you have an ongoing need for newspaper, magazine, or journal articles on a particular topic? In this class you will learn how to set an EBSCOhost research database search that will deliver weekly results to your email. This class is most appropriate for people familiar with basic database searching.

Databases By Alaskans (Video)

Learn how to get quick access to community, economic and demographic information produced by state agencies within Alaska. Also learn about the sheer variety of information that is publicity available from State of Alaska agencies.

Just Google (Video)

We know you are using it; now learn how to use it right. In this forty-five minute class, we’ll highlight search options from Google you might not have know were available and show you how to find better information quicker. Come learn how to Google your questions more efficiently. There will be time for questions and practice.

ebrary Downloads (Video)

ebrary provides access to the full text of over 50,000 books covering a wide range of academic and technical subjects including law, computers, education, health, political science, and more. Now users can download these full-text books and save them to their desktop or tablet device using Adobe Digital Editions.

Access our instructional guide on downloading ebrary books.

OWL VideoConference Learning

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Stay tuned for upcoming OWL Learning videoconferences!

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