Alaska Summer Reading Program

Alaska Summer Reading Program 2014

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The Alaska State Library cooperates with the Alaska Library Association each year to sponsor a statewide summer reading program theme. The State Library provides a basic starter kit of materials and a program manual to each of Alaska's participating public libraries. The materials are developed in a cooperative with 49 other states, the District of Columbia, and two U.S. territories as part of the Collaborative Summer Library Program (CSLP).

The CSLP website allows any Alaska public library access to special features and an online order form, but you now must follow the easy registration process to access the membership area of the website. Any Alaska public library is eligible to use the registration system to access this members-only area.

This Year's Themes

Children's Program: Fizz, Boom, READ!

Dan Santat is a Society of Illustrators Silver Medalist for Oh NO! (Or How My Science Project Destroyed the World) by Mac Barnett. He created this year’s artwork for school-age and preschoolers. You can learn more about Dan at his website:

Teen Summer Reading: Spark a Reaction

Tim O’Brien designed the steam punk artwork for the 2014 teen program. His best known work for teens is probably the cover art for the Hunger Games trilogy.  Dan also provides artwork for major magazines, such as Time and National Geographic, and created The Wall Street Journal’s last portrait of Steve Jobs. The US Postal Service has commissioned him to design postage stamps as well. Tim’s website is at:

Adult Program: Literary Elements

The designer for the 2014 Adult Summer Reading program is Larry Jones, a commercial artist with clients such as Target, Random House Forms, AMF Bowling, MacWorld, National Geographic World and Scholastic.


Manual and Participation Forms

Summer Reading Program Invitation Letter from Sue Sherif (PDF)

All public libraries receive one free manual from the Alaska State Library as well as a participation form (PDF) AND an order form for summer reading materials from the Upstart/Highsmith Company, the contracted vendor for CSLP. If your library did not receive a manual or participation form, please contact Cate Remme (1.800.776.6566 in Alaska or 269.6580 in Anchorage) at the Alaska State Library Anchorage office. Please note the deadlines on the Alaska State Library participation form and the Upstart/Highsmith in order to ensure timely delivery. The deadline for the 2014 materials from the State Library is November 25, 2013.  

Participation forms and manuals are sent to each public library in Alaska in October every year.

Clip Art and Reproducible Forms

Clip art is available in color and black and white on DVDs included in the 2014 manual. Clip art is also available in the manual in black and white for photocopying. There are also reproducible forms and handouts included on the DVD. If your library does not have a DVD player, you may request a CD version by writing to Cate Remme.

Other Materials

Each participating library fills out a participation form (PDF) emails the Anchorage Office at with the information requested on the form will get a starter kit of materials for 25 or 50 participants. If you have a larger population or you want to order additional reading incentives and other materials that you don't receive from the State Library, you may order more or differenct materials from the CSLP site. You will have to register at the CSLP site to access the online order form.

You can also make your own supplementary materials if you prefer and adapt the program to your community’s needs by using the materials, clip art, and digital art that come with the manual and the accompanying DVD. There are rules for use of the artwork, so please respect these and general copyright laws. Check with the Alaska State Library Anchorage office if you have questions.

Adult Summer Reading Program

More and more public libraries in Alaska are trying an adult summer reading program. What about giving it a try at your library this year? An adult program can be much more low-key than the children’s program is, and you may find someone in your community who would like to initiate your local adult summer reading program. The State Library does not supply materials for the adult summer reading program. But the summer reading manual that each public receives includes a section on ideas for running an adult summer reading program and materials are available at low cost from the Collaborative Summer Library Program site (Remember you must register to be able to get into the order form.).

Planning Your Summer Reading Program

If you would like to read more about planning a summer reading program, the Alaska State Library has the following titles, which you can borrow through interlibrary loan:

  • Children's Library Services Handbook by Jane Gardner Connor (Oryx, 1990) pp. 83-87.
  • Children’s Services: Partnerships for Success edited by Betsy Diamant-Cohen (American Library Association, 2010)
  • Fiore’s Summer Library Reading Program Handbook by Carole D. Fiore (Neal-Schumann, 2005)
  • Getting Connected: Tech Programs for Teens by RoseMary Honnold (Neal-Schumann, 2007)
  • Running Summer Library Reading Programs by Carole D. Fiore (Neal-Schumann, 1998)
  • Sizzling Summer Reading Programs for Young Adults 2d ed. by Katharine L. Kan (American Library Association, 2006)
  • Summer Reading Program Fun: Ten Thrilling, Inspiring, Wacky Board Games for Kids by Wayne L. Johnson and Yvette C. Johnson (American Library Association, 1999)
  • Summer Reading Renaissance: An Interactive Exhibits Approach by Rita Soltan (Libraries Unlimited, 2008)

Evaluation and Reports

If you receive summer reading materials for your library, the Alaska State Library would like to have some feedback. The State Library will send you a report form and an evaluation of the materials. Be sure that you keep statistics of participants and volunteers during the summer reading program so that you will be prepared to report back. You will be asked to report the number of children, teens, and volunteers in your program and be given an opportunity to provide feedback about how the program worked for you. This report will be due in September of 2014.

2014 Summer Reading Program Report (PDF)

Advocating for the Summer Reading Program

In addition to consulting some of the print resources above, you may also want to check these resources if you want to explain why your summer reading program needs community financial support:

Promoting Your Program

To hear and download radio public service announcements for the 2014 summer reading programs for children and teens, visit the CSLP web page, where these are usually posted in the spring for easy downloading. (If your community doesn’t have a local radio station, perhaps your school would play them on the morning announcements).

Also available at this site are video spots and tips about how to use these announcements to promote your library’s programs. If you have a library website, you might want to run these on your webpage. The Anchorage Office of the Alaska State Library will have a limited number of these video spots in on DVD for you to borrow.

Other tips for publicizing your summer reading program for maximum participation are available in this year’s manual.

For More Information

Contact Sue Sherif, Alaska State Library, via email or at 800.776.6566.

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