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Archived OWL Videoconferences

Featured Videoconference:
Mammals in the Wetlands, 4/10/2019

Some videoconferences on the OWL Network are recorded and saved on YouTube for later viewing. To learn about upcoming OWL Network videoconferences, see the OWL Calendar on the OWL home page. If you have questions, comments or suggestions for this page, please contact Daniel Cornwall.

May 2019

ADFG Place-Based Education: Section 7: Alaska's State Wildlife Refuges |

Joe Meehan, ADFG's Lands & Refuges program coordinator discusses Alaska's Wildlife Refuge system, along with providing overviews of specific refuges and how they contribute to conservation efforts.

Watch Alaska's State Wildlife Refuges [YouTube]

Runtime: 52 minutes

ADFG Place-Based Education Section 6: Lesser Yellowlegs and Bats |

Marian Sniveley of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game talks about recent research and citizen science opportunities regarding Lesser Yellowlegs birds as well as bats in Alaska.

Watch Yellowlegs and Bats video [YouTube]

Runtime: 41 minutes

April 2019

ADFG Place-Based Education Section 5: Friends of Refuges |

Samantha Russell of the Friends of Palmer Hayflats explains how Friends groups can be helpful to school groups touring Alaska's wildlife refuges.

Watch Friends of Refuges [YouTube]

Runtime: 48 minutes

ADFG Place-Based Education Section 3: Wetland Plants in State Refugees |

Watch Wetland Plants video [YouTube]

Catherine Inman of the Mat-Su Conservation Service talks about the uses of various wetland plants, where to see them and what kinds of activities could be undertaken during field trips.

Runtime: 40 minutes

ADFG Place-Based Education Section 2: Mammals in the Wetlands |

Watch Mammals video [YouTube]

Learn about the distribution and movement of Alaska Mammals through the wetlands of our state refuges.

Runtime: 28 minutes

March 2019

ADFG Place-Based Education Section 1: Place-Based Learning in Alaska State Refuges |

Watch Place-Based Learning in Alaska State Refuges [YouTube]

Course instructor Brenda Duty introduces the course layout, registration, wildlife concerns with students and associated curriculum lessons from the Loussac library.

Runtime: 24 minutes

November 2018

Alaska Human Rights Commission Listening Session |

Staff of the Alaska Human Rights Commission presented an overview of the Alaska Human Rights Law (PowerPoint presentation) describing what constitutes illegal discrimination in our state, then investigators were available to answer questions and discuss hypothetical scenarios or particular concerns. Recorded at the Anchorage Public Library's Mountain View Branch.

Runtime: 23 minutes

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