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MyAlaska is Designed to allow Adult Alaskan residents to interact with multiple State of Alaska services through a single username and password.

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  1. Go to
  2.  Click Register for a myAlaska Account.
  3.  Enter a Username – choose a username that you can remember but others will not easily guess, it is not recommended for you to use your name.
  4.  Enter a Password and Verify Password – a minimum of 8 characters, use capital and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols, i.e. yM1*5^2kA.
  5.  Choose a Secret Question – you have a choice of several, enter your answer – try not to use punctuation or capitals,  i.e. question: your favorite grade school teacher; answer: farnsworth.
  6.  Enter your Email address and Verify Email Address.
  7.  Read the User Agreement, check the I accept the User Agreement box, click Start Registration button.
  8.  Check your Email. Click the link included in the email from myAlaska - please remember that you have 24 hours to follow the directions or you will have to start the registration process over.
  9.  Check your email, click on the link provided to confirm your email address.
  10. Enter your Username and Password on the account confirmation page and click the Click Here to Continue button.
  11. A new page opens to verify that your email linked to your myAlaska account was confirmed successfully.  You can now establish your identity with myAlaska.  Click View Your Services.
  12. A new page opens that lists a variety of services available.  Click Permanent Fund Dividend - this will not fill out a PFD application.  This is the link to establish your identity within the myAlaska system.
  13. A new page opens.  Click in the box to accept the privacy agreement – this allows myAlaska to share your information with the Permanent Fund Division.  Click the continue button.
  14. A new page opens.  Enter your First Name, Last Name, Social Security Number, Alaska Driver License or State Id Number, Date of Birth, Birth State, and Weight and Height from your AK driver license or state id card.
  15. Choose whether you would like myAlaska to store your Social Security Number. Uncheck the box if you do not want myAlaska to store your SSN.  Click the box by I Accept the Consent Agreement - this allows myAlaska to verify your information with the Division of Motor Vehicles. Click Continue.  Your identity will be verified and you will be directed to the PFD application page. You may fill out the application for the PFD or go back to myAlaska and use other services.

Page last updated 12/22/2016

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