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Archived OWL Videoconferences

Featured Videoconference:
Gov Info Without Tears: Ombudswho? 11/30/17

Some videoconferences on the OWL Network are recorded and saved on YouTube for later viewing. To learn about upcoming OWL Network videoconferences, see the OWL Calendar on the OWL home page. If you have questions, comments or suggestions for this page, please contact Daniel Cornwall.

November 2017

Gov Info Without Tears: Ombudswho? |

Kate Burkhart took office as Alaska State Ombudsman in June, 2017. Her presentation was a chance to talk with her about role and responsibilities of the Office of the Ombudsman, outreach efforts, and opportunities to work together. She discussed how the Office of the Ombudsman reviews and investigates complaints about state agencies. She also shared how the Ombudsman can be a resource for library staff working with patrons seeking help in accessing and resolving problems with state services and programs.

Runtime: 39 minutes

September 2017

Alaska Sequicentennial |

Panel discussion on the 150th Anniversary of the purchase of Russian interests in Alaska.

  • Wayne Jensen, Juneau
  • Terrance Cole, Fairbanks
  • Stephen Haycox, Anchorage
  • Aaron Leggett, Anchorage
  • Ross Coen, Seattle

The panel was moderated by Ron Inouye in Fairbanks. This program was presented by the Alaska Library Network and funded by the Alaska Historical Commission.

Runtime: 1 hour 10 minutes

August 2017

Gov Info Without Tears |

Library staff are invited to hear Denise Daniello and Lesley Thompson from the Alaska Commission on Aging talk about government resources to help Alaska's aging seniors. Topics included Aging and Disabilities Resource Centers, Senior Benefits, Heating Assistance and applying to Alaska Pioneer Homes.

Runtime: 56 minutes

March 2017

Fairbanks Republican Women's Forum,

Meeting of Fairbanks Republican Women's Forum featuring special guest Senator Mike Dunleavy discussing Alaska's fiscal situation and proposed solutions.

Runtime: 1 hour 3 minutes

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