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Alaska's Glaciers

This list was compiled by using the Geographic Names Information System of the United States Geological Survey at Click on the label for more information about an individual glacier.


This a comprehensive list of glaciers in Alaska. Links direct you to the USGS Geographic Names Information System.
Glacier Name Link County or Equivalent Name Latitude Longitude Map
Adams Glacier Hoonah-Angoon 584714N 1355157W Juneau D-6
Addison Glacier Kenai Peninsula 595607N 1494720W Blying Sound D-8
Agassiz Glacier Yakutat 601110N 1404431W Mount Saint Elias A-8
Aho Glacier Kenai Peninsula 604817N 1523847W Kenai D-8
Aialik Glacier Kenai Peninsula 595903N 1495433W Blying Sound D-8
Alexander Glacier Yakutat 595354N 1392457W Yakutat D-4
Allen Glacier Valdez-Cordova 604647N 1445423W Cordova D-3
Alsek Glacier Yakutat 591205N 1380249W Yakutat A-1
Alverstone Glacier Yakutat 601756N 1390833W Mount Saint Elias B-4
Amherst Glacier Valdez-Cordova 610023N 1474931W Anchorage A-3
Anderson Glacier Valdez-Cordova 610732N 1464335W Valdez A-8
Anderson Glacier Valdez-Cordova (CA) 610546N 1410545W McCarthy A-1
Andrews Glacier Hoonah-Angoon (CA) 585445N 1362030W Mount Fairweather D-2
Aneegulgit Nome (CA) 633200N 1702600W Saint Lawrence C-3
Annin Glacier Valdez-Cordova 610627N 1464127W Valdez A-8
Antler Glacier Juneau 585044N 1343754W Juneau D-2
Applegate Glacier Valdez-Cordova 602724N 1483555W Seward B-5
Arey Glacier North Slope 691344N 1435038W Demarcation Point A-5
Art Lewis Glacier Yakutat 595304N 1385227W Yakutat D-3
Arthur Glacier Haines 591400N 1355000W Skagway A-3
Atrevida Glacier Yakutat 595738N 1394743W Yakutat D-5
Augusta Glacier Yakutat 601532N 1402535W Mount Saint Elias B-7
Aurel Glacier Haines 591415N 1355700W Skagway A-3
Aurora Glacier Hoonah-Angoon (CA) 583958N 1364212W Mount Fairweather C-3
Baby Glacier Valdez-Cordova (CA) 610946N 1473556W Anchorage A-2
Bacon Glacier Juneau 583859N 1334829W Taku River C-6
Bainbridge Glacier Valdez-Cordova (CA) 600631N 1482908W Seward A-4
Baird Glacier Petersburg (CA) 571332N 1322536W Sumdum A-2
Baker Glacier Valdez-Cordova 610454N 1482152W Anchorage A-4
Baldwin Glacier Hoonah-Angoon (CA) 585530N 1362300W Mount Fairweather D-2
Baldwin Glacier Valdez-Cordova (CA) 604751N 1411822W Bering Glacier D-1
Baltimore Glacier Valdez-Cordova (CA) 611806N 1474614W Anchorage B-3
Barnard Glacier Valdez-Cordova 610808N 1414031W McCarthy A-2
Barnard Glacier Valdez-Cordova 611038N 1475604W Anchorage A-3
Barrier Glacier Kenai Peninsula 611744N 1521956W Tyonek B-7
Barry Glacier Valdez-Cordova 611306N 1480040W Anchorage A-3
Bartlett Glacier Kenai Peninsula 603720N 1485824W Seward C-6
Battle Glacier Juneau 584338N 1343409W Juneau C-2
Battle Glacier Yakutat 593800N 1381630W Yakutat C-1
Bear Glacier Kenai Peninsula 600259N 1494556W Seward A-8
Bear Lake Glacier Kenai Peninsula 601006N 1491506W Seward A-7
Beare Glacier Yakutat 600224N 1414150W Bering Glacier A-2
Beloit Glacier Kenai Peninsula 603636N 1484238W Seward C-5
Bench Glacier Valdez-Cordova 610129N 1454030W Valdez A-5
Bering Canyon Valdez-Cordova (CA) 602230N 1435230W Bering Glacier B-8
Bering Glacier Yakutat 602433N 1421855W Bering Glacier B-4
Bering Lobe Valdez-Cordova (CA) 601330N 1432345W Bering Glacier A-7
Bertha Glacier Haines 591137N 1354822W Skagway A-3
Betge Glacier Valdez-Cordova (CA) 602805N 1430005W Bering Glacier B-6
Bettles Glacier Valdez-Cordova 605549N 1482438W Seward D-4
Big River Lobe Double Glacier Kenai Peninsula 604101N 1524036W Kenai C-8
Billings Glacier Anchorage 605256N 1483429W Seward D-5
Bird Glacier Anchorage 610034N 1491659W Anchorage A-7
Black Glacier Yakutat 595742N 1394023W Yakutat D-5
Black Rapids Glacier Southeast Fairbanks 632523N 1462915W Mount Hayes B-5
Black and Tan Glacier Matanuska-Susitna 614323N 1523756W Tyonek C-8
Blackstone Glacier Kenai Peninsula 603641N 1484605W Seward C-5
Blockade Glacier Kenai Peninsula 610207N 1523233W Tyonek A-7
Blossom Glacier Yakutat 600138N 1400350W Mount Saint Elias A-6
Boundary Glacier Prince of Wales-Hyder (CA) 560620N 1300708W Bradfield Canal A-1
Boundary Glacier Haines 592029N 1362608W Skagway B-4
Brady Glacier Hoonah-Angoon (CA) 583452N 1364702W Mount Fairweather C-3
Bravo Glacier North Slope 691600N 1435005W Demarcation Point B-5
Bremner Glacier Valdez-Cordova 604957N 1435620W Bering Glacier D-8
Bremner Glacier Valdez-Cordova 604716N 1431601W Bering Glacier D-7
Bridge Glacier Juneau 581926N 1333805W Taku River B-5
Brilliant Glacier Valdez-Cordova 610755N 1472638W Anchorage A-2
Broken Glacier Southeast Fairbanks 632436N 1453315W Mount Hayes B-4
Brooks Glacier Denali 630918N 1503608W Denali A-2
Brown Glacier Hoonah-Angoon (CA) 574147N 1325748W Sumdum C-3
Bryn Mawr Glacier Valdez-Cordova 611505N 1475201W Anchorage B-3
Bucher Glacier Juneau 585248N 1343210W Juneau D-2
Buckskin Glacier Matanuska-Susitna 625915N 1502712W Talkeetna D-1
Burns Glacier Kenai Peninsula 604323N 1484347W Seward C-5
Burroughs Glacier Hoonah-Angoon 585916N 1361714W Mount Fairweather D-1
Butler Glacier Yakutat 595705N 1390317W Yakutat D-3
Byron Glacier Anchorage 604430N 1485121W Seward C-5
Caldwell Glacier Matanuska-Susitna 622336N 1523951W Talkeetna B-6
Camicia Glacier Valdez-Cordova (CA) 610808N 1460337W Valdez A-6
Cantwell Glacier Denali 632634N 1492508W Healy B-5
Canwell Glacier Southeast Fairbanks 631913N 1452654W Mount Hayes B-3
Canyon Glacier Yakutat 591647N 1382555W Yakutat B-2
Cap Glacier Valdez-Cordova 605657N 1475427W Seward D-3
Capps Glacier Kenai Peninsula 611937N 1515420W Tyonek B-6
Carl Glacier Southeast Fairbanks 620701N 1413011W Nabesna A-2
Carroll Glacier Hoonah-Angoon (CA) 590503N 1363842W Skagway A-5
Carroll Glacier Kenai Peninsula 604207N 1484334W Seward C-5
Cascade Glacier Valdez-Cordova 610940N 1481130W Anchorage A-4
Cascade Glacier Yakutat 601303N 1402847W Mount Saint Elias A-7
Cascade Glacier Valdez-Cordova (CA) 610845N 1481106W Anchorage A-4
Cascading Glacier Yakutat 594748N 1390347W Yakutat D-3
Casement Glacier Hoonah-Angoon (CA) 590118N 1355549W Skagway A-3
Casey Glacier Prince of Wales-Hyder (CA) 560223N 1301034W Bradfield Canal A-1
Castner Glacier Southeast Fairbanks 632501N 1453741W Mount Hayes B-4
Cataract Glacier Valdez-Cordova 610140N 1482523W Anchorage A-4
Central Valley Reach Valdez-Cordova (CA) 602210N 1430005W Bering Glacier B-6
Ch'atanalch'elt Li'a Kenai Peninsula 611811N 1520824W Tyonek B-6
Chamberlain Glacier Yakutat 592256N 1384039W Yakutat B-2
Chamberlin Glacier North Slope 691718N 1445537W Mount Michelson B-2
Charley Glacier Hoonah-Angoon (CA) 585142N 1370905W Mount Fairweather D-4
Charpentier Glacier Hoonah-Angoon (CA) 583958N 1363430W Mount Fairweather C-2
Chedotlothna Glacier Denali 625044N 1515601W Talkeetna D-4
Chenega Glacier Kenai Peninsula 601621N 1483655W Seward B-5
Chernof Glacier Kenai Peninsula 595101N 1502325W Seldovia D-2
Cheshnina Glacier Valdez-Cordova 615422N 1440653W Valdez D-1
Chetaslina Glacier Valdez-Cordova 615923N 1441056W Valdez D-1
Chichokna Glacier Valdez-Cordova 620034N 1441723W Gulkana A-1
Chickaloon Glacier Matanuska-Susitna 620606N 1482609W Talkeetna Mountains A-3
Chickamin Glacier Ketchikan Gateway 560346N 1301756W Bradfield Canal A-1
Chikuminuk Glacier Dillingham 600707N 1591721W Bethel A-1
Childs Glacier Valdez-Cordova 604037N 1445608W Cordova C-3
Chilkat Glacier Skagway 594049N 1353948W Skagway C-2
Chisana Glacier Valdez-Cordova 615512N 1422512W McCarthy D-4
Chistochina Glacier Southeast Fairbanks 631139N 1444452W Mount Hayes A-2
Chitina Glacier Valdez-Cordova 610006N 1411708W McCarthy A-1
Chitistone Glacier Valdez-Cordova 612536N 1420221W McCarthy B-3
Clara Smith Glacier Ketchikan Gateway 561417N 1302944W Bradfield Canal A-2
Claremont Glacier Kenai Peninsula 603025N 1484334W Seward C-5
Clark Glacier Hoonah-Angoon (CA) 584841N 1370628W Mount Fairweather D-4
Clear Glacier Anchorage 610330N 1490918W Anchorage A-6
Cleave Creek Glacier Valdez-Cordova 610804N 1451218W Valdez A-4
Coal Glacier Yakutat 601238N 1411426W Bering Glacier A-1
College Glacier Southeast Fairbanks 631537N 1452057W Mount Hayes B-3
Colony Glacier Anchorage 611422N 1483027W Anchorage A-5
Columbia Glacier Valdez-Cordova 611700N 1465549W Valdez B-8
Columbus Glacier Valdez-Cordova (CA) 602423N 1410510W Bering Glacier B-1
Concordia Glacier Kenai Peninsula 604153N 1484448W Seward C-5
Cone Glacier Lake and Peninsula 561239N 1592921W Chignik A-5
Contact Glacier Valdez-Cordova (CA) 602813N 1482632W Seward B-4
Contact Glacier North Slope 691550N 1434228W Demarcation Point B-5
Copper Glacier Valdez-Cordova 620232N 1434704W Nabesna A-6
Corbin Glacier Valdez-Cordova (CA) 610651N 1455820W Valdez A-6
Cordova Glacier Valdez-Cordova 605126N 1453922W Cordova D-5
Cotterell Glacier Valdez-Cordova 603645N 1483737W Seward C-5
Coxe Glacier Valdez-Cordova 610838N 1480212W Anchorage A-3
Crab Glacier Lake and Peninsula 561424N 1591754W Chignik A-4
Crater Glacier Kenai Peninsula 611622N 1521552W Tyonek B-7
Crescent Glacier Valdez-Cordova 605929N 1475117W Seward D-3
Cross Creek Glacier Valdez-Cordova 620210N 1423900W Nabesna A-4
Crow Glacier Anchorage 610254N 1490852W Anchorage A-6
Cul-de-sac Glacier Matanuska-Susitna 622731N 1524607W Talkeetna B-6
Cushing Glacier Hoonah-Angoon (CA) 590100N 1362400W Skagway A-4
Dadina Glacier Valdez-Cordova 620203N 1441337W Gulkana A-1
Dagelet Glacier Hoonah-Angoon (CA) 583400N 1371200W Mount Fairweather C-4
Daisy Glacier Yakutat 601001N 1411514W Bering Glacier A-1
Dall Glacier Matanuska-Susitna 624025N 1520335W Talkeetna C-5
Dartmouth Glacier Valdez-Cordova 611006N 1473702W Anchorage A-2
Davidson Glacier Haines 590454N 1352821W Skagway A-2
Dawes Glacier Hoonah-Angoon (CA) 572831N 1324212W Sumdum B-3
Dead Branch Norris Glacier Juneau 582405N 1341318W Juneau B-1
Deadman Glacier Kenai Peninsula 603905N 1490047W Seward C-6
Death Valley Branch Norris Glacier Juneau 582900N 1341500W Juneau B-1
Demorest Glacier Juneau 584045N 1340451W Juneau C-1
Denver Glacier Skagway 592508N 1350547W Skagway B-1
Deserted Glacier Valdez-Cordova 605942N 1453620W Cordova D-5
Desolation Glacier Hoonah-Angoon (CA) 584700N 1373201W Mount Fairweather D-5
Detached Glacier Valdez-Cordova 610423N 1482346W Anchorage A-4
Dickinson Glacier Haines 591253N 1355609W Skagway A-3
Dinglestadt Glacier Kenai Peninsula 594302N 1502626W Seldovia C-2
Dirt Glacier Hoonah-Angoon (CA) 584937N 1360125W Mount Fairweather D-1
Dirty Glacier Valdez-Cordova 605650N 1482532W Seward D-4
Dixon Glacier Kenai Peninsula 594015N 1505310W Seldovia C-3
Dogshead Glacier Kenai Peninsula 612229N 1520158W Tyonek B-6
Doroshin Glacier Kenai Peninsula 592744N 1510617W Seldovia B-3
Double Glacier Kenai Peninsula 604206N 1524152W Kenai C-8
Double Glacier Kenai Peninsula 604034N 1523950W Kenai C-8
Downer Glacier Valdez-Cordova (CA) 611626N 1473647W Anchorage B-2
Drift River Lobe Double Glacier Kenai Peninsula 603944N 1523041W Kenai C-7
Drop Glacier Valdez-Cordova 621735N 1440505W Gulkana B-1
Dying Glacier (historical) Hoonah-Angoon (CA) 584950N 1361510W Mount Fairweather D-1
Eagle Glacier Anchorage 610509N 1485855W Anchorage A-6
Eagle Glacier Juneau 583811N 1344035W Juneau C-3
Eaglek Glacier Valdez-Cordova 605610N 1474754W Seward D-3
East Alapah Glacier North Slope 680829N 1504841W Chandler Lake A-2
East Branch Columbia Glacier (not official) Valdez-Cordova (CA) 611300N 1465100W Valdez A-8
East Fork Kahiltna Glacier Denali 630018N 1510445W Denali A-3
East Nunatak Glacier Yakutat 594830N 1385300W Yakutat D-3
East Twin Glacier Juneau 583457N 1335308W Taku River C-6
Eberly Glacier Valdez-Cordova (CA) 600750N 1420316W Bering Glacier A-3
Echo Glacier Juneau 584450N 1342404W Juneau C-2
Eel Glacier Southeast Fairbanks 632152N 1452847W Mount Hayes B-3
Eklutna Glacier Anchorage 611234N 1485916W Anchorage A-6
Eldridge Glacier Matanuska-Susitna 630116N 1500631W Denali A-1
Eliot Glacier Valdez-Cordova (CA) 612125N 1473803W Anchorage B-2
Ellsworth Glacier Kenai Peninsula 601340N 1485138W Seward A-5
Esetuk Glacier North Slope 691756N 1441459W Mount Michelson B-1
Eureka Glacier Southeast Fairbanks (CA) 632021N 1462132W Mount Hayes B-5
Ewe Glacier Valdez-Cordova 610234N 1411606W McCarthy A-1
Excelsior Glacier Kenai Peninsula 600204N 1484531W Seward A-5
Exit Glacier Kenai Peninsula 600921N 1494426W Seward A-8
Explorer Glacier Anchorage 604635N 1485503W Seward D-6
Fairweather Glacier Hoonah-Angoon (CA) 585033N 1373854W Mount Fairweather D-5
Falling Glacier Valdez-Cordova 602631N 1483209W Seward B-5
Fan Glacier Valdez-Cordova 605155N 1435224W Bering Glacier D-8
Fassett Glacier Yakutat 591848N 1383220W Yakutat B-2
Fels Glacier Southeast Fairbanks 632205N 1453031W Mount Hayes B-4
Ferebee Glacier Haines 593231N 1353649W Skagway C-2
Ferguson Glacier Prince of Wales-Hyder (CA) 560130N 1301330W Bradfield Canal A-1
Fickett Glacier Valdez-Cordova 603300N 1450105W Cordova C-3
Field Glacier Haines 585935N 1343816W Juneau D-2
Finger Glacier Hoonah-Angoon (CA) 582952N 1370659W Mount Fairweather B-4
Finger Glacier Lake and Peninsula 561219N 1591416W Chignik A-4
First Branch Columbia Glacier (not official) Valdez-Cordova (CA) 610800N 1470700W Anchorage A-1
Fleischmann Glacier Matanuska-Susitna 622113N 1525025W Talkeetna B-6
Flute Glacier Anchorage 610827N 1491718W Anchorage A-7
Fog Glacier Lake and Peninsula 561434N 1592704W Chignik A-5
Foraker Glacier Denali 630118N 1512522W Denali A-3
Fourpeaked Glacier Kodiak Island 584716N 1533103W Afognak D-5
Fourth Glacier Yakutat 593647N 1390749W Yakutat C-4
Fraser Glacier Valdez-Cordova (CA) 604517N 1411333W Bering Glacier D-1
Frederika Glacier Valdez-Cordova 614538N 1421717W McCarthy D-4
Gabriel Icefall Southeast Fairbanks 631708N 1452708W Mount Hayes B-3
Gakona Glacier Southeast Fairbanks 631459N 1451135W Mount Hayes A-3
Galiano Glacier Yakutat 595740N 1394317W Yakutat D-5
Gannett Glacier Valdez-Cordova (CA) 611716N 1481729W Anchorage B-4
Garrison Glacier Haines 590947N 1354131W Skagway A-2
Gates Glacier Valdez-Cordova (CA) 613741N 1425905W McCarthy C-6
Geikie Glacier Hoonah-Angoon (CA) 583548N 1363634W Mount Fairweather C-2
Gerstle Glacier Southeast Fairbanks 632337N 1451935W Mount Hayes B-3
Giffin Glacier Valdez-Cordova (CA) 613350N 1412200W McCarthy C-1
Gilkey Glacier Juneau 584842N 1342522W Juneau D-2
Gillam Glacier Denali 633926N 1470624W Healy C-1
Gilman Glacier Hoonah-Angoon (CA) 584807N 1370213W Mount Fairweather D-4
Girdled Glacier Hoonah-Angoon 585640N 1354401W Juneau D-6
Godwin Glacier Kenai Peninsula 600952N 1491153W Seward A-6
Goodwin Glacier Valdez-Cordova 603632N 1445838W Cordova C-3
Gooseneck Glacier North Slope 691941N 1434713W Demarcation Point B-5
Gracey Creek Glacier Ketchikan Gateway 561326N 1303414W Bradfield Canal A-2
Grand Pacific Glacier Hoonah-Angoon (CA) 590350N 1370330W Skagway A-6
Grand Plateau Glacier Yakutat 590235N 1375304W Skagway A-8
Gray Glacier Prince of Wales-Hyder (CA) 560035N 1300959W Bradfield Canal A-1
Great Glacier Wrangell 565000N 1314700W Bradfield Canal D-6
Great Icefall Denali 630911N 1505504W Denali A-2
Greenpoint Glacier Ketchikan Gateway 560042N 1301656W Bradfield Canal A-1
Grewingk Glacier Kenai Peninsula 593451N 1505701W Seldovia C-3
Griddlecake Glacier Valdez-Cordova (CA) 602649N 1432411W Bering Glacier B-7
Grinnell Glacier Valdez-Cordova 604255N 1444821W Cordova C-3
Guerin Glacier Valdez-Cordova (CA) 613536N 1410618W McCarthy C-1
Gulkana Glacier Southeast Fairbanks 631652N 1452538W Mount Hayes B-3
Guyot Glacier Yakutat 601252N 1414552W Bering Glacier A-3
Hades Highway Juneau 583942N 1335554W Taku River C-6
Haenke Glacier Yakutat 600405N 1393851W Mount Saint Elias A-5
Hallo Glacier Kodiak Island 582437N 1541429W Mount Katmai B-1
Hanging Glacier Yakutat 595111N 1385727W Yakutat D-3
Harding Icefield Kenai Peninsula 600105N 1495910W Seward A-8
Harper Glacier Denali 630522N 1505837W Denali A-2
Harper Icefall Denali 630629N 1505607W Denali A-2
Harpoon Glacier Kenai Peninsula 612208N 1523434W Tyonek B-7
Harpoon Glacier Lake and Peninsula 561348N 1591437W Chignik A-4
Harriman Glacier Anchorage 605615N 1483147W Seward D-5
Harris Glacier Kenai Peninsula 600848N 1494928W Seward A-8
Harvard Glacier Valdez-Cordova 611826N 1473957W Anchorage B-2
Hawkins Glacier Valdez-Cordova 611359N 1415247W McCarthy A-3
Hayden Glacier Yakutat 600219N 1400131W Mount Saint Elias A-6
Hayes Glacier Matanuska-Susitna 614140N 1523135W Tyonek C-7
Hayes Glacier Southeast Fairbanks 634008N 1463846W Mount Hayes C-6
Heiden Glacier Valdez-Cordova 610236N 1453936W Valdez A-5
Hendrickson Glacier Yakutat 594932N 1392509W Yakutat D-4
Heney Glacier Valdez-Cordova 605310N 1445542W Cordova D-3
Henry Glacier Yakutat 595142N 1392838W Yakutat D-4
Herbert Glacier Juneau 583409N 1343630W Juneau C-2
Herron Glacier Denali 625903N 1513540W Talkeetna D-4
Hesselberg Glacier Valdez-Cordova (CA) 603120N 1432201W Bering Glacier C-7
Hidden Glacier Yakutat 594405N 1390655W Yakutat C-3
Hidden Glacier Prince of Wales-Hyder (CA) 560145N 1300757W Bradfield Canal A-1
Hitchcock Glacier Yakutat 600530N 1402254W Mount Saint Elias A-7
Hogback Glacier Valdez-Cordova (CA) 610619N 1455653W Valdez A-6
Hole-In-The-Wall Glacier Valdez-Cordova 613630N 1421611W McCarthy C-4
Hole-in-the-Wall Glacier Juneau 582824N 1340105W Juneau B-1
Holgate Glacier Kenai Peninsula 595216N 1495507W Blying Sound D-8
Holyoke Glacier Valdez-Cordova 611000N 1475736W Anchorage A-3
Hook Glacier Lake and Peninsula 582822N 1542636W Mount Katmai B-2
Hoonah Glacier Hoonah-Angoon (CA) 585026N 1370323W Mount Fairweather D-4
Hubbard Glacier Yakutat 601850N 1392215W Mount Saint Elias B-4
Hubley Glacier North Slope 691707N 1434433W Demarcation Point B-5
Hugh Miller Glacier Hoonah-Angoon (CA) 584429N 1364112W Mount Fairweather C-3
Hummel Glacier Ketchikan Gateway 560135N 1301544W Bradfield Canal A-1
Hunter Creek Glacier Anchorage 611922N 1484146W Anchorage B-5
Huscroft Glacier Hoonah-Angoon (CA) 583700N 1372345W Mount Fairweather C-5
Icicle Glacier Anchorage 611203N 1490519W Anchorage A-6
Indian Glacier Kenai Peninsula 600654N 1501300W Kenai A-1
Irene Glacier Skagway 593428N 1352449W Skagway C-2
Island Glacier Lake and Peninsula 561516N 1592343W Chignik B-5
Jacksina Glacier Valdez-Cordova 620413N 1433350W Nabesna A-6
James Robert Glacier 690747N 1450258W Mount Michelson A-2
Jarvis Glacier Haines 592559N 1362659W Skagway B-4
Jefferies Glacier Valdez-Cordova (CA) 603708N 1415055W Bering Glacier C-3
Jeffery Glacier Denali 630816N 1510433W Denali A-3
John Glacier Hoonah-Angoon (CA) 585117N 1371032W Mount Fairweather D-4
Johns Hopkins Glacier Hoonah-Angoon (CA) 584824N 1371501W Mount Fairweather D-4
Johnson Glacier Kenai Peninsula 600613N 1530154W Lake Clark A-1
Johnson Glacier Southeast Fairbanks 632135N 1450828W Mount Hayes B-3
Johnson Glacier Valdez-Cordova 603121N 1442356W Cordova C-2
Johnson Glacier Valdez-Cordova 611356N 1462224W Valdez A-7
Jones Glacier Hoonah-Angoon (CA) 585545N 1370850W Mount Fairweather D-4
Jumpoff Icefall Valdez-Cordova (CA) 615644N 1422543W McCarthy D-4
Juneau Icefield Juneau 583700N 1343000W Juneau C-2
Kachemak Glacier Kenai Peninsula 594242N 1503456W Seldovia C-2
Kadachan Glacier Hoonah-Angoon (CA) 585333N 1370628W Mount Fairweather D-4
Kahiltna Glacier Matanuska-Susitna 625024N 1511329W Talkeetna D-3
Kaliakh Lobe Valdez-Cordova (CA) 601810N 1431010W Bering Glacier B-6
Kanikula Glacier Matanuska-Susitna 624549N 1510328W Talkeetna D-3
Kashoto Glacier Hoonah-Angoon (CA) 585131N 1370022W Mount Fairweather D-4
Kennicott Glacier Valdez-Cordova 613755N 1430822W McCarthy C-6
Keystone Glacier Valdez-Cordova (CA) 610715N 1455615W Valdez A-6
Killey Glacier Kenai Peninsula 600755N 1500834W Kenai A-1
Kimball Glacier Southeast Fairbanks 631613N 1443523W Mount Hayes B-2
Kings Glacier Valdez-Cordova (CA) 602606N 1483617W Seward B-5
Klawasi Glacier Valdez-Cordova 620507N 1444358W Gulkana A-2
Klooch Glacier Hoonah-Angoon (CA) 583505N 1372115W Mount Fairweather C-5
Klutina Glacier Valdez-Cordova 612154N 1461412W Valdez B-6
Klutlan Glacier Valdez-Cordova (CA) 612703N 1411045W McCarthy B-1
Kluvesna Glacier Valdez-Cordova 615203N 1434843W McCarthy D-8
Knik Glacier Valdez-Cordova (CA) 612203N 1481755W Anchorage B-4
Konamoxt Glacier Hoonah-Angoon (CA) 592010N 1373751W Skagway B-8
Koniag Glacier Kodiak Island 572230N 1531749W Kodiak B-4
Krisha Glacier Haines 591230N 1354930W Skagway A-3
Kulavok Glacier North Slope 691208N 1445140W Mount Michelson A-2
Kuleska Glacier Valdez-Cordova (CA) 602225N 1423155W Bering Glacier B-5
Kushtaka Glacier Valdez-Cordova (CA) 602559N 1440517W Cordova B-1
Kuskulana Glacier Valdez-Cordova 613838N 1433557W McCarthy C-7
KΓ«÷idazqΓ«÷eni Glacier Kenai Peninsula 611340N 1520715W Tyonek A-6
La Perouse Glacier Hoonah-Angoon (CA) 583228N 1371327W Mount Fairweather C-4
LaGorce Glacier Valdez-Cordova 604350N 1442710W Cordova C-2
Lacuna Glacier Matanuska-Susitna 624428N 1513216W Talkeetna C-4
Lafayette Glacier Valdez-Cordova 610111N 1474634W Anchorage A-3
Lake George Glacier Anchorage 610345N 1483843W Anchorage A-5
Lakina Glacier Valdez-Cordova 613713N 1431817W McCarthy C-7
Lamb Glacier Valdez-Cordova (CA) 610342N 1411730W McCarthy A-1
Lamplugh Glacier Hoonah-Angoon (CA) 584956N 1365343W Mount Fairweather D-3
Langdon Glacier Kenai Peninsula 602418N 1483738W Seward B-5
Lare Glacier Yakutat 600403N 1414813W Bering Glacier A-3
Lateral Glacier Kenai Peninsula 600337N 1525647W Kenai A-8
Latouche Glacier Yakutat 595202N 1393543W Yakutat D-5
Laughton Glacier Skagway 593024N 1350659W Skagway C-1
Lawrence Glacier Valdez-Cordova 603910N 1483631W Seward C-5
Le Blondeau Glacier Haines 591446N 1361327W Skagway A-4
LeConte Glacier Petersburg (CA) 565646N 1321946W Petersburg D-1
Leaking Glacier Juneau 582620N 1342530W Juneau B-2
Learnard Glacier Valdez-Cordova 604845N 1484255W Seward D-5
Lechner Glacier Kenai Peninsula 595616N 1493731W Blying Sound D-8
Leeper Glacier Yakutat 601454N 1421051W Bering Glacier A-4
Leffingwell Glacier North Slope 691800N 1440800W Mount Michelson B-1
Lemon Creek Glacier Juneau 582324N 1342056W Juneau B-2
Libbey Glacier Yakutat 601031N 1405654W Mount Saint Elias A-8
Lime Glacier Valdez-Cordova 615120N 1420620W McCarthy D-3
Little Jarvis Glacier Haines 592401N 1362504W Skagway B-4
Lituya Glacier Hoonah-Angoon (CA) 584407N 1372641W Mount Fairweather C-5
Logan Glacier Valdez-Cordova 604639N 1411048W Bering Glacier D-1
Long Glacier Valdez-Cordova 615415N 1440132W Valdez D-1
Lookout Glacier Hoonah-Angoon (CA) 583600N 1372100W Mount Fairweather C-5
Loomis Glacier Hoonah-Angoon (CA) 585630N 1362530W Mount Fairweather D-2
Lowell Glacier Kenai Peninsula 601303N 1494544W Seward A-8
Lowell Glacier Valdez-Cordova 604957N 1484148W Seward D-5
Lowell Glacier Valdez-Cordova (CA) 611813N 1473400W Anchorage B-2
Lower Icefall Denali 631117N 1505110W Denali A-2
Lucia Glacier Yakutat 595938N 1395442W Yakutat D-6
Maclaren Glacier Matanuska-Susitna 631857N 1463111W Mount Hayes B-6
Malaspina Glacier Yakutat 595853N 1404306W Yakutat D-8
Marcus Baker Glacier Matanuska-Susitna 612638N 1475951W Anchorage B-3
Margerie Glacier Hoonah-Angoon (CA) 585804N 1371033W Mount Fairweather D-4
Marquette Glacier Valdez-Cordova 603827N 1483822W Seward C-5
Marshall Glacier Valdez-Cordova 610229N 1453112W Valdez A-5
Martin Glacier Yakutat 591730N 1382759W Yakutat B-2
Martin River Glacier Valdez-Cordova 603258N 1435224W Bering Glacier C-8
Marvine Glacier Yakutat 600605N 1400857W Mount Saint Elias A-6
Matanuska Glacier Matanuska-Susitna 613921N 1473452W Anchorage C-2
Matthes Glacier Juneau 584450N 1341156W Juneau C-1
Maynard Glacier Hoonah-Angoon (CA) 584123N 1363600W Mount Fairweather C-2
McArthur Glacier Kenai Peninsula 610607N 1522742W Tyonek A-7
McBride Glacier Hoonah-Angoon (CA) 590546N 1360249W Skagway A-3
McCall Glacier North Slope 691716N 1434917W Demarcation Point B-5
McCallum Glacier Southeast Fairbanks 631816N 1453656W Mount Hayes B-4
McCarthy Creek Glacier Valdez-Cordova 613711N 1424855W McCarthy C-5
McCarty Glacier Yakutat 595217N 1392423W Yakutat D-4
McCarty Glacier Kenai Peninsula 594612N 1501315W Seldovia D-1
McCune Glacier Valdez-Cordova 605127N 1444933W Cordova D-3
McGinnis Glacier Southeast Fairbanks 633227N 1461238W Mount Hayes C-5
McPherson Glacier Valdez-Cordova 603310N 1443444W Cordova C-2
Meade Glacier Haines 591148N 1344512W Atlin A-8
Meares Glacier Valdez-Cordova 611330N 1472325W Anchorage A-2
Mendenhall Glacier Juneau 582945N 1343156W Juneau B-2
Metal Creek Glacier Matanuska-Susitna 613759N 1482029W Anchorage C-4
Middle Branch Norris Glacier Juneau 582800N 1341500W Juneau B-1
Middle Fork Glacier Valdez-Cordova 614833N 1421032W McCarthy D-4
Middle Fork Lobe Bremner Glacier Valdez-Cordova 604825N 1432631W Bering Glacier D-7
Miles Glacier Valdez-Cordova 603752N 1440850W Cordova C-1
Milk Glacier Anchorage 610258N 1490430W Anchorage A-6
Miller Glacier Yakutat 600428N 1393428W Mount Saint Elias A-5
Miller Glacier Yakutat 593221N 1385927W Yakutat C-3
Milton Glacier Kenai Peninsula 604100N 1484400W Seward C-5
Mineral Creek Glacier Valdez-Cordova 611634N 1461901W Valdez B-7
Mint Glacier Matanuska-Susitna 615217N 1490337W Anchorage D-6
Moore Icefall Southeast Fairbanks 631700N 1452235W Mount Hayes B-3
Morse Glacier Hoonah-Angoon (CA) 590912N 1362840W Skagway A-4
Morse Glacier Hoonah-Angoon 585214N 1361732W Mount Fairweather D-1
Moser Glacier Yakutat 593437N 1390221W Yakutat C-3
Mother Goose Glacier Kenai Peninsula 602048N 1491116W Seward B-6
Muir Glacier Hoonah-Angoon (CA) 590617N 1362256W Skagway A-4
Muldrow Glacier Denali 630704N 1503917W Denali A-2
Muth Glacier Valdez-Cordova 610646N 1474000W Anchorage A-2
Nabesna Glacier Valdez-Cordova 615259N 1431743W McCarthy D-7
Nadina Glacier Valdez-Cordova 620854N 1444153W Gulkana A-2
Natazhat Glacier Valdez-Cordova (CA) 613148N 1410123W McCarthy C-1
Nelchina Glacier Valdez-Cordova 613328N 1465534W Valdez C-8
Nellie Juan Glacier Valdez-Cordova (CA) 602720N 1482233W Seward B-4
Nelson Glacier Wrangell 563015N 1320107W Petersburg C-1
Nenana Glacier Denali 633222N 1473744W Healy C-2
Netland Glacier Yakutat 592500N 1375300W Skagway B-8
Nikonda Glacier Valdez-Cordova 620350N 1424247W Nabesna A-4
Nizina Glacier Valdez-Cordova 614809N 1423516W McCarthy D-5
Noisy Glacier Kodiak Island 581608N 1545148W Mount Katmai B-3
Norris Glacier Juneau 582620N 1341103W Juneau B-1
North Baird Glacier Petersburg (CA) 571321N 1324455W Sumdum A-3
North Branch Norris Glacier Juneau 583116N 1341341W Juneau C-1
North Branch Trimble Glacier Matanuska-Susitna 614141N 1521422W Tyonek C-6
North Crillon Glacier Hoonah-Angoon (CA) 583918N 1371953W Mount Fairweather C-4
North Dawes Glacier Hoonah-Angoon 573455N 1330235W Sumdum C-4
North Fork Lobe Bremner Glacier Valdez-Cordova 604616N 1432016W Bering Glacier D-7
North Fork Ruth Glacier Matanuska-Susitna 630257N 1504057W Denali A-2
North Twin Glacier Matanuska-Susitna 612930N 1523627W Tyonek B-7
Northeast Fork Kahiltna Glacier Denali 630239N 1510620W Denali A-3
Northland Glacier Kenai Peninsula 603926N 1484604W Seward C-5
Northwest Fork Ruth Glacier Denali 630201N 1505154W Denali A-2
Northwestern Glacier Kenai Peninsula 594931N 1500318W Seldovia D-1
Novatak Glacier Yakutat 592837N 1382847W Yakutat B-2
Nugget Creek Glacier Juneau 582549N 1342328W Juneau B-2
Nuka Glacier Kenai Peninsula 593856N 1504546W Seldovia C-3
Oasis Glacier Petersburg (CA) 571440N 1323704W Sumdum A-2
Ogive Glacier Haines 590307N 1344754W Atlin A-8
Okpilak Glacier North Slope 690732N 1440320W Mount Michelson A-1
Orange Glacier Yakutat 595742N 1391437W Yakutat D-4
Organ Glacier Anchorage 610828N 1491402W Anchorage A-6
Outlet Glacier Lake and Peninsula 561514N 1592141W Chignik B-5
Ovtsyn Glacier Valdez-Cordova (CA) 602730N 1425330W Bering Glacier B-6
Pangnik Glacier North Slope 691125N 1445203W Mount Michelson A-2
Patterson Glacier Petersburg (CA) 570035N 1323314W Sumdum A-2
Patton Glacier Hoonah-Angoon (CA) 585400N 1361800W Mount Fairweather D-1
Pedersen Glacier Kenai Peninsula 595334N 1494650W Blying Sound D-8
Pedro Glacier Valdez-Cordova 610753N 1471844W Anchorage A-1
Pegmatite Glacier Southeast Fairbanks 631601N 1452304W Mount Hayes B-3
Penniman Glaciers Valdez-Cordova 610542N 1482024W Anchorage A-4
Peters Basin Denali 630643N 1511037W Denali A-3
Peters Glacier Denali 630501N 1510316W Denali A-3
Peters Glacier Denali 630501N 1510316W Denali A-3
Petrof Glacier Kenai Peninsula 592716N 1504951W Seldovia B-3
Pigot Glacier Anchorage 605413N 1482845W Seward D-4
Pinnacle Glacier Yakutat 600832N 1401911W Mount Saint Elias A-7
Plateau Glacier Hoonah-Angoon 585818N 1362105W Mount Fairweather D-2
Polychrome Glacier Denali 632720N 1495041W Healy B-6
Popof Glacier Wrangell 564447N 1321548W Petersburg C-1
Porcupine Glacier Kenai Peninsula 600004N 1491552W Seward A-7
Portage Glacier Kenai Peninsula 604308N 1484811W Seward C-5
Portlock Glacier Kenai Peninsula 593809N 1505630W Seldovia C-3
Pothole Glacier Kenai Peninsula 611837N 1522305W Tyonek B-7
Powell Glacier Matanuska-Susitna 613453N 1471149W Anchorage C-1
Princeton Glacier Valdez-Cordova 602052N 1482551W Seward B-4
Prospect Glacier Kenai Peninsula 600144N 1491514W Seward A-7
Ptarmigan Glacier Juneau 582214N 1342229W Juneau B-2
Puget Glacier Kenai Peninsula 600420N 1483441W Seward A-5
Quintino Sella Glacier Valdez-Cordova (CA) 603239N 1410115W Bering Glacier C-1
Radcliffe Glacier Valdez-Cordova (CA) 611942N 1474208W Anchorage B-2
Rainbow Glacier Haines 590707N 1353127W Skagway A-2
Rainy Glacier Valdez-Cordova 603840N 1483237W Seward C-5
Ram Glacier Valdez-Cordova 610418N 1412056W McCarthy A-1
Ranney Glacier Valdez-Cordova 611053N 1473419W Anchorage A-2
Rasmuson Glacier Yakutat 594407N 1392443W Yakutat C-4
Raven Glacier Anchorage 610341N 1490438W Anchorage A-6
Red Glacier Prince of Wales-Hyder 555726N 1301009W Ketchikan D-1
Red Glacier Kenai Peninsula 600028N 1525555W Kenai A-8
Regal Glacier Valdez-Cordova 614129N 1423327W McCarthy C-5
Reid Glacier Hoonah-Angoon (CA) 584627N 1364823W Mount Fairweather D-3
Rendu Glacier Hoonah-Angoon (CA) 590529N 1365052W Skagway A-5
Revelation Glacier Bethel 614019N 1541053W Lime Hills C-4
Rex Glacier Valdez-Cordova 611745N 1422550W McCarthy B-4
Riggs Glacier Hoonah-Angoon (CA) 591008N 1361437W Skagway A-4
Riley Creek Glacier Southeast Fairbanks 633246N 1453443W Mount Hayes C-4
Ripon Glacier Valdez-Cordova 604013N 1483527W Seward C-5
Roaring Glacier Valdez-Cordova 610004N 1482724W Anchorage A-4
Robertson Glacier Southeast Fairbanks 631305N 1443502W Mount Hayes A-2
Rodman Glacier Yakutat 592027N 1384147W Yakutat B-2
Rohn Glacier Valdez-Cordova (CA) 614514N 1422927W McCarthy D-4
Romer Glacier Hoonah-Angoon (CA) 585909N 1364432W Mount Fairweather D-3
Root Glacier Valdez-Cordova 613802N 1425357W McCarthy C-6
Roscoe Glacier Kenai Peninsula 595800N 1532500W Iliamna D-2
Rubin Glacier Valdez-Cordova (CA) 610747N 1460229W Valdez A-6
Russell Glacier Valdez-Cordova 612439N 1415515W McCarthy B-3
Ruth Glacier Matanuska-Susitna 625450N 1504101W Talkeetna D-2
Saddlebag Glacier Valdez-Cordova 603108N 1450409W Cordova C-3
Saksaia Glacier Haines 592223N 1362334W Skagway B-4
Sanford Glacier Valdez-Cordova 620331N 1440932W Gulkana A-1
Sargent Ice Field Kenai Peninsula 601748N 1483509W Seward B-5
Sargent Icefield Valdez-Cordova (CA) 602306N 1482604W Seward B-4
Sarokin Glacier Valdez-Cordova (CA) 602831N 1422347W Bering Glacier B-4
Saussure Glacier Skagway 593918N 1351949W Skagway C-1
Sawyer Glacier Hoonah-Angoon (CA) 575720N 1330524W Sumdum D-4
Schubee Glacier Haines 592023N 1351611W Skagway B-1
Schwan Glacier Valdez-Cordova 605317N 1450828W Cordova D-4
Schwanda Glacier North Slope 691546N 1434604W Demarcation Point B-5
Scidmore Glacier Hoonah-Angoon (CA) 584819N 1364346W Mount Fairweather D-3
Scott Glacier Valdez-Cordova 604144N 1451151W Cordova C-4
Sea Otter Glacier Yakutat 585521N 1374207W Mount Fairweather D-6
Second Branch Columbia Glacier (not official) Valdez-Cordova (CA) 611639N 1470636W Anchorage B-1
Seefar Glacier North Slope 683340N 1471651W Philip Smith Mountains C-1
Serpent Tongue Glacier Lake and Peninsula 582209N 1543812W Mount Katmai B-2
Serpentine Glacier Valdez-Cordova 610742N 1481603W Anchorage A-4
Seth Glacier Anchorage 605232N 1483056W Seward D-5
Seward Glacier Yakutat 601734N 1405557W Mount Saint Elias B-8
Shadows Glacier Matanuska-Susitna 622757N 1524208W Talkeetna B-6
Shakes Glacier Wrangell 564851N 1321023W Petersburg D-1
Shakespeare Glacier Valdez-Cordova 604510N 1484339W Seward D-5
Shamrock Glacier Kenai Peninsula 610356N 1524929W Tyonek A-8
Sheep Glacier Valdez-Cordova 621927N 1441314W Gulkana B-1
Shelf Glacier Matanuska-Susitna 622733N 1524358W Talkeetna B-6
Shelter Valley Glacier Valdez-Cordova (CA) 614743N 1422907W McCarthy D-4
Shephard Glacier Valdez-Cordova 604148N 1452215W Cordova C-4
Sheridan Glacier Valdez-Cordova 603347N 1451649W Cordova C-4
Sherman Glacier Valdez-Cordova 603342N 1450606W Cordova C-3
Shiels Glacier Valdez-Cordova 605215N 1444640W Cordova D-3
Shoup Glacier Valdez-Cordova 611337N 1462503W Valdez A-7
Silver Glacier Valdez-Cordova 605314N 1462401W Cordova D-7
Skee Glacier Kenai Peninsula 595934N 1494204W Blying Sound D-8
Skilak Glacier Kenai Peninsula 600713N 1500224W Kenai A-1
Skookum Glacier Kenai Peninsula 604307N 1485258W Seward C-6
Slide Glacier Valdez-Cordova 603146N 1441713W Cordova C-1
Slim Glacier Lake and Peninsula 561056N 1591544W Chignik A-4
Slope Glacier Valdez-Cordova 602754N 1435053W Bering Glacier B-8
Smith Glacier Valdez-Cordova 611720N 1474857W Anchorage B-3
Soule Glacier Prince of Wales-Hyder (CA) 555308N 1301505W Ketchikan D-1
South Branch Trimble Glacier Matanuska-Susitna 613903N 1520854W Tyonek C-6
South Crillon Glacier Hoonah-Angoon (CA) 583753N 1371934W Mount Fairweather C-4
South Glacier Skagway 592822N 1350352W Skagway B-1
South Sawyer Glacier Hoonah-Angoon (CA) 574051N 1324902W Sumdum C-3
South Twin Glacier Matanuska-Susitna 612601N 1523952W Tyonek B-8
Southeast Fork Kahiltna Glacier Matanuska-Susitna 625804N 1510716W Talkeetna D-3
Southern Glacier Kenai Peninsula 592323N 1510627W Seldovia B-3
Southwest Branch Taku Glacier Juneau 583305N 1341719W Juneau C-1
Speel Glacier Juneau 581922N 1332719W Taku River B-5
Spencer Glacier Kenai Peninsula 603736N 1485220W Seward C-5
Split Creek North Slope 691500N 1440700W Mount Michelson B-1
Split Glacier Kenai Peninsula 593928N 1502803W Seldovia C-2
Split Glacier North Slope 691500N 1440700W Mount Michelson B-1
Split Thumb Icefall Juneau 582433N 1341636W Juneau B-1
Spoon Glacier Kenai Peninsula 600104N 1491514W Seward A-7
Spotted Glacier Kenai Peninsula 585536N 1532858W Afognak D-5
Spur Glacier Southeast Fairbanks 632500N 1451452W Mount Hayes B-3
Spurr Ice Plateau Kenai Peninsula 611910N 1521428W Tyonek B-6
Stairway Glacier Anchorage 610437N 1482915W Anchorage A-4
Stairway Icefall Valdez-Cordova (CA) 613852N 1425313W McCarthy C-6
Steller Glacier Valdez-Cordova 602950N 1433046W Bering Glacier B-7
Steller Lobe Valdez-Cordova (CA) 602005N 1434505W Bering Glacier B-8
Stephens Glacier Valdez-Cordova 612248N 1462049W Valdez B-7
Stoney Glacier Matanuska-Susitna 615525N 1525329W Tyonek D-8
Stony Glacier Bethel 613634N 1534844W Lime Hills C-3
Straightaway Glacier Denali 630158N 1511728W Denali A-3
Sumdum Glacier Hoonah-Angoon 574716N 1332655W Sumdum D-5
Summit Glacier Wrangell 564739N 1321618W Petersburg D-1
Sunrise Glacier Denali 632147N 1501008W Denali B-1
Sunset Glacier Denali 631940N 1501108W Denali B-1
Surprise Glacier Anchorage 610105N 1482947W Anchorage A-4
Surprise Glacier Matanuska-Susitna 624155N 1521827W Talkeetna C-5
Susitna Glacier Denali 632927N 1470240W Healy B-1
Sylvester Glacier Matanuska-Susitna 613549N 1470533W Anchorage C-1
Takhin Glacier Haines 591356N 1360902W Skagway A-4
Taku Glacier Juneau 583542N 1341047W Juneau C-1
Talkeetna Glacier Matanuska-Susitna 620658N 1483305W Talkeetna Mountains A-4
Tana Glacier Valdez-Cordova 603653N 1421027W Bering Glacier C-4
Tana Lobe Bremner Glacier Valdez-Cordova 604552N 1431719W Bering Glacier D-7
Tanaina Glacier Kenai Peninsula 605605N 1525217W Kenai D-8
Tarr Glacier Matanuska-Susitna 613502N 1470041W Anchorage C-1
Tasnuna Glacier Valdez-Cordova 605945N 1452955W Cordova D-4
Tatina Glacier Matanuska-Susitna 622703N 1524844W Talkeetna B-6
Taylor Glacier Valdez-Cordova 603432N 1483920W Seward C-5
Tazlina Glacier Valdez-Cordova 612910N 1463642W Valdez B-7
Tebenkof Glacier Valdez-Cordova 604044N 1483155W Seward C-5
Ted Stevens Icefield Valdez-Cordova (CA) 612000N 1465000W Valdez B-8
Texas Glacier Prince of Wales-Hyder (CA) 560523N 1301025W Bradfield Canal A-1
The Knife Creek Glacier Lake and Peninsula 581616N 1550226W Mount Katmai B-4
The Knife Creek Glaciers Lake and Peninsula 581800N 1550500W Mount Katmai B-4
Thiel Glacier Juneau 584301N 1343948W Juneau C-2
Through Glacier Ketchikan Gateway 555904N 1302202W Ketchikan D-2
Thumb Glacier Prince of Wales-Hyder (CA) 555913N 1301300W Ketchikan D-1
Tiger Glacier Valdez-Cordova 601003N 1483255W Seward A-5
Tigertail Glacier Valdez-Cordova (CA) 601319N 1482624W Seward A-4
Tired Pup Glacier Bethel 612900N 1535707W Lime Hills B-3
Tittmann Glacier Valdez-Cordova (CA) 610807N 1410709W McCarthy A-1
Tluna Icefall Denali 630802N 1510743W Denali A-3
Toboggan Glacier Valdez-Cordova 610055N 1481647W Anchorage A-4
Tok Glacier Southeast Fairbanks 630818N 1441223W Mount Hayes A-1
Tokositna Glacier Matanuska-Susitna 624729N 1504908W Talkeetna D-2
Tommy Glacier Valdez-Cordova 605917N 1475314W Seward D-3
Tongue Glacier Kenai Peninsula 600405N 1531621W Lake Clark A-1
Tonsina Glacier Valdez-Cordova 611826N 1455036W Valdez B-5
Topeka Glacier Hoonah-Angoon (CA) 585605N 1370502W Mount Fairweather D-4
Toyatte Glacier Hoonah-Angoon (CA) 585429N 1370618W Mount Fairweather D-4
Trail Glacier Kenai Peninsula 603314N 1485432W Seward C-6
Traleika Glacier Denali 630930N 1504626W Denali A-2
Traleika Icefall Denali 630535N 1505237W Denali A-2
Trident Glacier Southeast Fairbanks 633612N 1462810W Mount Hayes C-5
Trimble Glacier Matanuska-Susitna 614332N 1520408W Tyonek C-6
Triumvirate Glacier Matanuska-Susitna 612903N 1521149W Tyonek B-6
Truuli Glacier Kenai Peninsula 595755N 1503020W Seldovia D-2
Tsina Glacier Valdez-Cordova 611550N 1455221W Valdez B-5
Tsirku Glacier Haines 591815N 1362728W Skagway B-4
Turner Glacier Yakutat 600248N 1394217W Mount Saint Elias A-5
Tustumena Glacier Kenai Peninsula 595803N 1501416W Seldovia D-1
Tuxedni Glacier Kenai Peninsula 600942N 1530529W Lake Clark A-1
Twaharpies Glacier Valdez-Cordova 612200N 1420505W McCarthy B-3
Twentymile Glacier Anchorage 605643N 1483903W Seward D-5
Twentyseven Mile Glacier Valdez-Cordova 610910N 1454702W Valdez A-5
Twin Glacier Hoonah-Angoon (CA) 585347N 1362510W Mount Fairweather D-2
Tyeen Glacier Hoonah-Angoon (CA) 585203N 1371045W Mount Fairweather D-4
Tyndall Glacier Yakutat 601146N 1410836W Bering Glacier A-1
Ultramarine Glacier Valdez-Cordova (CA) 602418N 1481944W Seward B-4
Umbrella Glacier Kenai Peninsula 595945N 1531010W Iliamna D-1
Unknown Glacier Juneau 584347N 1335656W Taku River C-6
Valdez Glacier Valdez-Cordova 611803N 1461252W Valdez B-6
Valerie Glacier Yakutat 600838N 1393514W Mount Saint Elias A-5
Van Cleve Glacier Valdez-Cordova 604150N 1440513W Cordova C-1
Variegated Glacier Yakutat 595954N 1391954W Yakutat D-4
Vassar Glacier Valdez-Cordova 611311N 1475317W Anchorage A-3
Vaughan Lewis Glacier Juneau 584945N 1341506W Juneau D-1
Villard Glacier Haines 591722N 1351457W Skagway B-1
Walsh Glacier Valdez-Cordova 605524N 1411332W Bering Glacier D-1
Watson Glacier Yakutat 601101N 1420459W Bering Glacier A-3
Waxell Glacier Yakutat 602555N 1431117W Bering Glacier B-6
Wedge Glacier Valdez-Cordova 605731N 1482326W Seward D-4
Wellesley Glacier Valdez-Cordova 611154N 1475606W Anchorage A-3
Wernicke Glacier Valdez-Cordova 604521N 1435729W Bering Glacier D-8
West Alapah Glacier North Slope 680817N 1505104W Chandler Lake A-2
West Branch Eklutna Glacier Anchorage 611305N 1490050W Anchorage A-6
West Branch Taku Glacier Juneau 583952N 1343149W Juneau C-2
West Fork Glacier Valdez-Cordova 614018N 1424624W McCarthy C-5
West Fork Glacier Denali 633231N 1471638W Healy C-1
West Fork Glacier Denali 631436N 1500821W Denali A-1
West Fork Ruth Glacier Matanuska-Susitna 625927N 1505438W Talkeetna D-2
West Fork Traleika Glacier Denali 630654N 1505104W Denali A-2
West Glacier Valdez-Cordova 621440N 1440028W Gulkana A-1
West Gulkana Glacier Southeast Fairbanks 631659N 1453048W Mount Hayes B-4
West Nunatak Glacier Yakutat 594118N 1384851W Yakutat C-3
West Twin Glacier Juneau 583445N 1335718W Taku River C-6
Westbrook Glacier Valdez-Cordova 610707N 1464120W Valdez A-8
Whiskey Hill Glacier Valdez-Cordova (CA) 614913N 1423516W McCarthy D-5
White Glacier Hoonah-Angoon (CA) 584804N 1355603W Juneau D-6
White River Glacier Yakutat 600549N 1415824W Bering Glacier A-3
Whiteout Glacier Anchorage 611035N 1484906W Anchorage A-5
Whittier Glacier Valdez-Cordova 604451N 1484113W Seward C-5
Willard Glacier Haines 591234N 1355156W Skagway A-3
Williams Glacier Valdez-Cordova 610339N 1474547W Anchorage A-3
Windy Glacier North Slope 683359N 1472430W Philip Smith Mountains C-1
Witches Cauldron Petersburg (CA) 570646N 1322909W Sumdum A-2
Wolverine Glacier Kenai Peninsula 602443N 1485429W Seward B-6
Woodworth Glacier Valdez-Cordova 605207N 1452108W Cordova D-4
Woodworth Glacier Valdez-Cordova 605207N 1452108W Cordova D-4
Worthington Glacier Valdez-Cordova 611003N 1454705W Valdez A-5
Wortmanns Glacier Valdez-Cordova 605407N 1454003W Cordova D-5
Wosnesenski Glacier Kenai Peninsula 592857N 1505600W Seldovia B-3
Wright Glacier Juneau 582449N 1333005W Taku River B-5
Yaga Glacier Valdez-Cordova (CA) 601030N 1420053W Bering Glacier A-3
Yahtse Glacier Yakutat 601946N 1414259W Bering Glacier B-2
Yakataga Glacier Yakutat 600838N 1420706W Bering Glacier A-3
Yakutat Glacier Yakutat 593135N 1384833W Yakutat C-3
Yale Glacier Valdez-Cordova 611910N 1472003W Anchorage B-1
Yalik Glacier Kenai Peninsula 593123N 1504515W Seldovia C-3
Yanert Glacier Denali 633608N 1474250W Healy C-2
Yentna Glacier Matanuska-Susitna 624754N 1513649W Talkeetna D-4
Yushin Glacier Valdez-Cordova (CA) 602605N 1431305W Bering Glacier B-6

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