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Alaska State Publications Program

Alaska State Periodicals Harvested by the Alaska State Publications Program

This page is no longer updated. The Alaska State publications identified below, and when available more recent publications in this series, have or will soon be moved to Preservica, the Alaska State Library's Digital Preservation System.

This page provides online access to periodicals (newsletters, journals, magazines, etc) produced or funded by Alaska state agencies and have been acquired in digital format by the Alaska State Library and stored on our server for stable access and future preservation efforts. The periodicals listed here represent a tiny fraction of the periodicals held by the State Library in paper. To find a periodical not listed here, please use our library catalog.

Click on any periodical title below to access online issues and to check availability of print holdings, which usually go much further back than the digital version.

Periodicals grouped by department

Page last updated 01/21/2021