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Alaska State Publications Program

What are Alaska State Publications?

A state publication is almost any document produced by or for a state agency. A publication could be an annual report, a transportation plan, a research report on salmon or other fish, hunting regulations, minutes of meetings, directories, a book, a magazine, or even an electronic database like the Alaska Community Database. Although an increasing number of agency publications are Internet based, much remains in paper. Increasingly budget conscious agencies are printing small quantities of their publications, so you might not be able to get your own copy.

Why should I care about Alaska State Publications?

For two reasons. First, chances are, some state publication will deal with something you care about -- like transportation options in your area, wildlife studies, health and social programs statewide, or city annexation plans, just to name a few government related topics. Second, it's your way to keep tabs on your state government. The publications an agency produces are a public record of its activities. State publications can be a tool for accountability only if people read them.

Where can I find Alaska State Publications?

As mentioned above, our state agencies are extremely budget conscious and so print very limited quantities of their publications (Unless it's a money-maker like the ferry schedule or Tourism guide!). As a result, it may be difficult to obtain copies of state publications from the agencies themselves.

That's why the best place to look for these publications is at an Alaska Depository Library. These can be found at the following locations:

  • Alaska State Library, Juneau: See the Catalog
  • UAF's Elmer E. Rasmuson Library, Fairbanks: See the Catalog
  • UAA Consortium Library , Anchorage
    Z.J. Loussac Public Library, Anchorage
    Alaska Resources Library and Information Service, Anchorage
    All three Anchorage Libraries share the same Catalog
  • Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.: See the Catalog

If you don't live near one of these libraries, don't worry. Your local library can borrow almost any Alaska State Publication from one of the depository libraries mentioned above. The Alaska State Publications Program and depository system has been serving Alaskans and the world since 1970!

More information sources

Another important source of state government information is the State of Alaska Homepage. Check here for the latest news affecting Alaskans. Some particularly helpful spots on Alaska's Information Highway are:

Alaska Community Database. The place to go for detailed information about Alaska's cities, towns and smaller communities. Every profile provides a map showing the community's location, it's population, local contact information and much more.

Online Public Notices. If you are looking for new regulations or new business opportunities with the State of Alaska, start here! This service replaced the old Alaska Administrative Journal in May of 2000.

Alaska Legislature. Come here to find out who your Representatives and Senators are, how to contact them and what bills they are working on. This web site is in session year-round for you!

Directory of State Officials. Need to find an office or an official? Try this site. You will find contact information for Alaska's Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches as well our Congressional Delegation.

For more information on Alaska Government Information

Alaska State Library
Government Publications
PO Box 110571
Juneau, AK 99811-0571

Telephone: 465.2927
Fax: 465.2665

Page last updated 03/19/2020