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ELECTION DAY 11/3: APK Atrium and Lecture Hall ONLY will be OPEN for voting 7:00 am through 8:00 pm.

COVID Closure: Due to current local Covid-19 conditions, the Father Andrew P. Kashevaroff building will remain closed to the public through Saturday November 7, 2020. Staff remain available by phone and email. Watch this space for updates.

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Monthly Shipping Lists

The Monthly Shipping List of Alaska State Publications is a listing of all items cataloged by the Alaska State Publications Program in a given month. Each list indicates the Alaska State Document depositories that received a physical copy of each item.

To provide medium-term preservation of volatile web documents, the Alaska State Publications Program harvests a copy of all cataloged state electronic documents and makes those documents available through these shipping lists and our catalog. If a publication on a shipping list is available electronically, a "StaticURL" hyperlink will appear in the listing for that publication.

Page last updated 02/13/2020