The Klondike/Alaska Gold Rush was one of the most photographed events of the late nineteen and early twentieth century. Given the severe weather conditions and remoteness of the gold fields, it is incredible that photos exist at all. Many of the photographers who followed the gold seekers developed their images in temporary dark rooms located in tents or covered sleds or on boats along the Inside Passage and Yukon River. The Gold Rush photographers left behind a visual documentary that chronicles this important era. Today, thousands of images depicting the Gold Rush are available in archives, libraries, and private collections throughout the world.

 This catalog is created to celebrate Alaska's Gold Rush Centennial (1994-2004) by providing a sampling of the photographs available from 29 collections at the Alaska State Library's Historical Collections. The selected images are from 1893-1916 and are arranged into broad categories. Under each photograph is the photograph order number (PCA), a short description of the image, and the collection name. A list of images arranged by photograph collection number is located at the back. The photo number (PCA) that is listed with each image is the key to identifying the images and should be noted with your request.


For information about the collection or to order prints, please contact the Alaska State Library-Alaska Historical Collections, P.O. Box 110571, Juneau, Alaska 998110-571 or telephone (907) 465-2925 or fax (907) 465-2990. The Alaska Division of Tourism also has a slide bank of images from this collection which is available for tourism use. For more information, please contact the Alaska Division of Tourism, P.O. Box 110801, Juneau, Alaska or telephone (907) 465-2012 or fax (907) 465-2287.

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Posted by: Tracy Swaim, 09/08/95, Alaska State Library