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12-214 Alaska's largest nugget (182 oz.), Pioneer Mining Co., Nome, Sept. 8, 1903 (Dobbs)

41-35 Campsite, 1900 (Larss)

44-3-15 Sourdough in stream panning for gold (Skinner)

44-11-3 Mining on the beach (Skinner)

277-9-87 One week's output, Pioneer Mining Company, Nome (Wickersham)

341-Webster-1 No. 1 Rock Creek on the Seward Peninsula (Webster & Stevens)

341-Webster-2 No. 1 Dry Creek on the Seward Peninsula (Webster & Stevens)

341-Webster-3 Seward Peninsula (Webster & Stevens)

277-9-26 Mining on Nome Beach, 1908 (Wickersham)

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Posted by: Tracy Swaim, 09/08/95, Alaska State Library