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12-61 Summit Bench, Dexter Creek, Nome (Dobbs)

12-67 Nome, Alaska, January 1906 (Dobbs)

12-70 Nome, Alaska (Dobbs)

12-81 Alaska Mercantile Company, Nome (Dobbs)

12-90 Nome, Alaska, ca. 1906 (Dobbs)

12-108 Miners and Merchants Banks, Nome, June 10, 1906 (Dobbs)

12-230 Nome, Dexter Creek (Dobbs)

45-252 Hydraulic Mining, Pioneer Mining Company, Nome (Andrews)

45-1055 Snake River and the sand spit, Nome, Alaska, ca. 1899 (Andrews)

155-42 Fort Davis Officer's Club, Nome (Hunt)

12-72 View of Nome, Alaska from Lane's Derick, 1903 (Dobbs)

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Posted by: Tracy Swaim, 09/08/95, Alaska State Library