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245-19 Riverboat AURORA, St. Michael, Alaska (Ft. Egbert)

12-175 U.S. Mail arriving in Nome, Alaska (Dobbs)

39-56 Str. Whitehorse in Five Fingers Rapids (Case & Draper)

39-85 White Pass and Yukon Railway (Case & Draper)

39-373 Tunnel, White Pass and Yukon Railway (Case & Draper)

39-483 Teams of Red Line Transportation Company (Case & Draper)

45-628 Yukon River, 1906 (Andrews)

341-Webster-7 D.H. Pingree, Arrival from Dawson to Skagway (Webster & Stevens)

341-Webster-5 "The Magnet" Roadhouse near Bonanza (Webster & Stevens)

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Posted by: Tracy Swaim, 09/08/95, Alaska State Library