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Chronologies of Alaska and Regional Newspapers

A chronology is a time-line created to show the history of newspaper publishing at a particular geographic place. Click on a location in the list below to download the chronology as a PDF file. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader. When the chronology is displayed on your screen you will see the newspaper titles and dates noted under each place name, along with relationships indicated among different titles. For more detailed information on relationships between titles and exact dates and holdings on microfilm, please refer to the title entry in the PDF file Guide to Alaska Newspapers on Microfilm. An italicized title indicates a title published in a different location. A few regional chronologies are included, but most of these are incomplete. Special thanks to Mary Anne Slemmons, who designed the original chronologies using Microsoft Word.

(File sizes range from 5k to 20k)

Page last updated 04/05/2019