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Alaska Newspapers on Microfilm, 1866-1998

The Alaska State Library has compiled a guide to the Alaskan newspapers currently available on microfilm.

From here, you can download the guide and related information as Portable Document Format (PDF) files. Search the index for newspaper titles, cities of publication, available microfilm holdings, and more.


  1. Choose a PDF to download.
  2. Choose to open in your browser or PDF reader application.
  3. Use the "Find…" or Ctrl + F feature to search the document for keywords, or
  4. Browse the document page by page.

Related Indexes

Fairbanks Area and Juneau Empire Newspaper Indexes
Searchable database of Juneau and Fairbanks newspapers. Fairbanks area indexing coverage varies within 1901-1975 and Juneau Empire indexing covers 1/20/1990-1/30/1999.
Guide to Alaska Newspapers on Microfilm by Title
If you know the title of the newspaper [PDF, 93 kb], use this list to find out where it was published.

Page last updated 09/11/2019