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Some Books About Alaska: 1998


The Alaska State Library produces this annual publication because we feel that such an annotated list is of value to libraries in Alaska. We have attempted to make this list as complete as possible for titles that appeared in 1998 as well as some titles missed in previous years. Some Books About Alaska notes books that are not necessarily held by the Alaska State Library. Please consult your local library or other library databases for libraries holding these titles. NOT included are general travel guides to Alaska and books, such as the Milepost, which are published annually.

Every attempt has been made to have each title reviewed by a librarian. Several Alaskan librarians from around the state assisted in this compilation. Much of the credit for this year’s compilation is due Ann Doyle of the Alaska State Library’s Alaska Historical Collections. Especially helpful have been Kay Myers and Bruce Merrell of Anchorage Municipal Libraries. Kay reviewed the children's books. Bruce reviewed non-fiction titles with Ann Doyle and also shared his listing that appeared first in the journal published by the Alaska Historical Society, Alaska History. Thanks to that publication for agreeing to let us reprint some of the entries. I also thank Hearthside Books of Juneau for allowing me to review books from their shelves and Cook Inlet Book Company of Anchorage for doing the same for Bruce.

Many titles are available through interlibrary loan, and libraries are encouraged to review titles before making the decision to purchase.

Publications are available from the publisher of the work or other indicated source. Bookstores in Alaska also offer these titles, at times with a discount to libraries. The last page of this publication notes some bookstores in the state that may have some of the more obscure current Alaskan titles. The Alaska State Library does not offer books for sale. Also, remember that all prices are subject to change and that those prices listed here may no longer be accurate. In some cases, we have received the book as a gift and do not know the price.

Annotations to the list:

  • © First Purchase Recommendation: As in past years, we are using this feature to designate those books which the committee felt were most worthy of consideration for first purchase by small and medium-sized libraries and school library-media centers. Each library must, of course, make its own decision on whether to purchase these titles, comparing each to the library's book selection policy. Our choices are necessarily subjective, but we have attempted to include titles of general interest and to omit those which are highly specialized. We also have not marked materials of local interest only, but have noted regional publications which we felt were outstanding.
  • ASD Alaska State Depository : A small selection of titles produced by the Alaska State Government as well as non-state publications received for distribution by the Alaska State Documents Program at the Alaska State Library are listed. They are noted here to alert readers to publications that may not appear in bookstores. After the bibliographic information, these titles are designated as "ASD" which means that they were distributed to the Alaska State Depositories and thus may be reviewed at libraries participating in the program. The address and/or contact within the agency is included with the citation. Thanks to Patience Frederiksen, Government Publications Librarian, Alaska State Library, for her assistance with the selection and annotation of these titles.
  • Alaska materials can be elusive, being published in limited quantity with little publicity. We will appreciate receiving information for current, especially locally produced titles not included here. Please send comments and inquiries to the following address: Alaska Historical Collections, Alaska State Library, PO Box 110571, Juneau, AK 99811-0571.

—Kathryn H. Shelton, Head Librarian,
Alaska Historical Collections
September 1999


compiled by Kay Myers, Anchorage Municipal Libraries

  1. © Alaska in Maps : A Thematic Atlas / edited by Roger W. Pearson and Marjorie Hermans (Fairbanks : University of Alaska Fairbanks ; Alaska Department of Education ; Alaska Geographic Alliance, 1998), 99 pp., spiral bound, $35.00. ISBN1887419020, order from Cook Inlet Book Company, 415 West Fifth Avenue, Anchorage, AK 99501. Over fifty maps focus on the geographic characteristics of Alaska. Many charts and graphs with explanatory text are also available in this informative book for students from upper elementary grades through college. (Also listed in Adult Non-Fiction section)
  2. © Brown, Tricia. Children Of The Midnight Sun, Young Native Voices of Alaska / photographed by Roy Corral (Anchorage : Alaska Northwest Books, 1998), 48 pp., $16.95, ISBN0882405004, order from Graphic Arts Center Publishing Co., P.O. Box 10306, Portland, OR 97296-0306, 1-800-452-3032. Photographs and text present the experiences and way of life of Tlingit, Athabascan, Yup’ik, Aleut, and other Native American children in the villages, cities, and bush areas of Alaska.
  3. Brown, Tricia. Iditarod Country : Exploring the Route of the Last Great Race / photographed by Jeff Schultz (Fairbanks : Epicenter Press, 1998), 63 pp., cloth, $16.95, ISBN0945397666, Box 82368, Kenmore, WA 98028. The villages and race volunteers along the Iditarod Trail are highlighted in a volume that also includes race history and legend.
  4. © Carlstrom, Nancy White. Midnight Dance of the Snowshoe Hare : Poems of Alaska / illustrated by Ken Kuroi (New York : Philomel Books, 1998), unpaged, cloth, $15.99, ISBN0399227466, Putnam Publishing Group, 200 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10016, 1-800-631-8571, ext.7504. Carlstrom’s poems feature Alaskan animals frolicking through the four seasons.
  5. © Corral, Kimberly and Hannah Corral. A Child’s Glacier Bay / photographed by Roy Corral (Anchorage : Alaska Northwest Books, 1998), 32 pp., cloth, $15.95, ISBN0882405039, order from Graphic Arts Center Publishing Co., P.O. Box 10306, Portland, OR 97296-0306, 1-800-452-3032. Hannah and Ben and their parents journey along 300 miles of Glacier Bay coastline during a three-week sea kayaking trip.
  6. © Ferrell, Nancy Warren. Destination Valdez (Minneapolis : Lerner Publications Company, 1998), 80 pp., library binding, $23.93, ISBN0822527901, 241 First Avenue North, Minneapolis, MN 55401. The geography, history, economy and daily life in Valdez is featured in this volume from the "Port Cities of North America" series.
  7. Field, Edward. Magic Words / illustrated by Stefano Vitale (San Diego : Harcourt Brace & Company, 1998), unpaged, $17.00, ISBN0152014985,. The poems and songs in this collection are based on songs and stories of the Netsilik Inuit, collected by Knud Rasmussen on the Fifth Thule Expedition.
  8. Finley, Carol. Art of the Far North : Inuit Sculpture, Drawing, and Printmaking (Minneapolis: Lerner Publications Company, 1998), 56 pp., $22.60, ISBN0822520753, 241 First Avenue North, Minneapolis, MN 55401. A short history of the Inuit people in Canada ties in information about their culture as it appears in sculpture, drawing, and printmaking.
  9. Fowler, Susi Gregg. Circle of Thanks / illustrated by Peter Catalanotto (New York : Scholastic Press, 1998), unpaged, $15.95, ISBN0590100661, Scholastic Order Processing, 2931 East McCarty Street, Jefferson City, MO 65101, 1-800-724-6527. After the boy’s mother rescues a small river otter pup, as the seasons change, the tundra animals help each other in turn—the last helping rescue the boy.
  10. Green, Jen. People of the Polar Regions (Austin, Tex. : Raintree/Steck-Vaughn, 1998), 48 pp., $25.69, ISBN0817250654, P.O. Box 26015, Austin, TX 78755, 1-800-531-5015. Green describes the history of the polar peoples, how they live and work. Information about the seasons and geographic features of the regions is also provided.
  11. Heinz, Brian J. Nanuk : Lord of the Ice / illustrated by Gregory Manchess (New York : Dial Books for Young Readers, 1998), unpaged, trade edition, $15.99, ISBN0803721943, or library edition, $15.89, ISBN0803721951, order from Penguin USA, P.O. Box 120, Bergenfield, NJ 07261, 1-800-526-0275. Realistic oil paintings and text tell the story of two hunters. Nanuk, a polar bear, and a boy set out separately to hunt for food. The author and illustrator are from the United States; the book is set in the Canadian Arctic.
  12. Helman, Andrea. Northwest Animal Babies / illustrated by Art Wolfe (Seattle : Sasquatch Books, 1998), unpaged, $15.95, ISBN1570611440, 615 Second Avenue, Seattle, WA 98104. Gorgeous color photos of Northwest animals like sea otter, harbor seal, trumpeter swan are accompanied by two or three facts about each baby animal.
  13. Italia, Bob. Alaska (Minneapolis : Abdo & Daughters, 1998), 32 pp., $21.35, ISBN1562398555, 4940 Viking Drive, Suite 622, Edina, MN 55435, 1-800-800-1312. From the series "The United States," this volume examines the geography, history, natural resources, people and culture of Alaska.
  14. Jackson, Joan F. Elim, the Determined Athlete / illustrated by Robert Ferrin Gilmore (Anchorage : Publication Consultants, 1998), 32 pp., $14.95, ISBN1888125322, P.O. Box 221974, Anchorage, AK 99522-1974. Elim, a four month old Husky, tells the reason he joined musher Jeff King’s team on the Iditarod trail.
  15. Kallen, Stuart A. Alaskan Brown Bears (Minneapolis : Abdo & Daughters, 1998), 24 pp., $19.92, ISBN1562395955, 4940 Viking Drive, Suite 622, Edina, MN 55435, 1-800-800-1312. The physical characteristics, habitat, and behavior of the Alaskan brown bear are briefly described in this title in the "Checkerboard Animal Library."
  16. Kummer, Patricia K. Alaska (Mankato, Minn. : Capstone High/Low Books, 1998), 48 pp., $19.00, ISBN1560656794, Capstone Press, 151 Good Counsel Drive, P.O. Box 669, Mankato, MN 56002-0669, 1-800-747-4992. From the "One Nation" series, this book gives an overview of Alaska—history, geography, people, and living conditions.
  17. Kusugak, Michael Arvaarluk. Arctic Stories, illustrated by Vladyana Langer Krykorka (Toronto : Annick Press, 1998), 40 pp., cloth, $18.95, ISBN1550374525, or paperback, $6.95, ISBN1550374532, 1955 Wylie Street, Suite 300, Vancouver, BC V5Y 3N7. Three stories about life in the Canadian Arctic in the 1950s feature Agatha, a six-year-old Inupiat Eskimo from Repulse Bay. One of the stories is Agatha’s move from home into a Catholic mission school and the harsh treatment she experiences there.
  18. Lelooska. Spirit of the Cedar People : More Stories and Paintings of Chief Lelooska / edited by Christine Normandin and designed by Jennifer Wagner (New York : DK Publishing, Inc., 1998), 38 pp., cloth, $24.95, ISBN0789425718, 95 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10016.. The second of two collections of Kwakiutl legends in text and on accompanying audio CD, this title, along with Echoes of the Elders : The Stories and Paintings of Chief Lelooska (New York : DK Ink in association with Callaway Editions, 1997), 38 pp., cloth, $24.95, ISBN078942455X, 95 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10016, shares Northwest Coast folktales which bring alive a world of loons, ravens, halibut and bears—all with the power to shape our destiny.
  19. Levinson, Nancy S. ...If You Lived in the Alaska Territory / illustrated by Bryn Barnard (New York : Scholastic Inc, 1998), 79 pp., $5.99. ISBN0590744496, Scholastic Order Processing, 2931 East McCarty Street, Jefferson City, MO 65101, 1-800-724-6527. Using a question and answer format, the author relays information about the early years (1912-1935) of the Alaska Territory. Though all demographic groups are mentioned by name, the life of "Eskimo" children is highlighted.
  20. London, Jonathan. Ice Bear and Little Fox / illustrated by Daniel San Souci. (New York : Dutton Children’s Books, 1998), unpaged, $15.99. ISBN0525459073, order from Penguin USA, P.O. Box 120, Bergenfield, NJ 07261, 1-800-526-0275. A polar bear and a little fox manage to survive over a year in the Arctic. Facts about the Inuit peoples and Arctic animals are included.
  21. © McMillan, Bruce. Salmon Summer / photographed by the author (Boston : Houghton Mifflin Company, 1998), 32 pp., $16.00, ISBN0395845440, Houghton Mifflin Children's Books, 222 Berkeley Street, Boston, MA. 02116-3764. Nine-year-old Alex fishes with his family in the streams on Kodiak Island.
  22. Meyer, Marianne. Snow Problem : The Case of the Mushing Madness (New York : Learning Triangle Press, 1998), 198 pp., $4.25, ISBN0070066930, McGraw-Hill Companies, 1221 Ave. of the Americas, New York, NY 10020, 800-352-3566. A group of seven science-minded kids solve the problem of an old friend who is working as an action movie stunt-man in Alaska, from the "Kinetic City Super Crew" series, #7.
  23. Murphy, Claire Rudolf. Caribou Girl / illustrated by Linda Russell (Boulder : Roberts Rinehart Publishers, 1998) unpaged, $16.95, ISBN1570981450, Roberts Rinehart Publishers, 6309 Monarch Park Place, Niwot, CO 80503, 1- 800-352-1985. Caribou Girl is transformed into her namesake animal and travels with the herd thousands of miles to their summer calving grounds. She learns how her people can live in harmony with the herd.
  24. Nichols, Richard. A Story to Tell : Traditions of a Tlingit Community / illustrated by D. Bambi Kraus (Minneapolis: Lerner Publications, 1998), 48 pp., library binding, $21.27, ISBN0822526611, 241 First Avenue North, Minneapolis, MN 55401. In the "We Are Still Here" series, an 11- year- old Tlingit girl travels to Kake where she learns about her family’s heritage.
  25. © Nicolai, Margaret. Kitaq Goes Ice Fishing / illustrated by David Rubin (Anchorage : Alaska Northwest Books, 1998), unpaged, cloth, $15.95, ISBN0882405047, order from Graphic Arts Center Publishing Co., P.O. Box 10306, Portland, OR 97296-0306, 1-800-452-3032. Five year old Kitaq goes on his first ice fishing trip with his grandfather.
  26. Osborne, Mary Pope. Polar Bears Past Bedtime (New York : Random House, 1998), 71 pp., cloth, $11.99, ISBN0679983414, or paperback, $3.99, ISBN067988341X, Random House, Inc., 1540 Broadway, New York, NY 10036, 1-800-323-9872. Jack and Annie are whisked into the frozen Arctic in the "Magic Tree House" series book, # 12.
  27. Packard, Edward. Mayday! / illustrated by Eric Cherry (New York : Bantam Books, 1998), 99 pp., $2.99, ISBN0553567586, Random House, Inc., 1540 Broadway, New York, NY 10036, 1-800-323-9872. The "Choose Your Own Adventure Series," # 184, has you as the copilot with your cousin, Eddie, on a small plane flying supplies to people who live in remote Alaska areas.
  28. Peterson, Sara Budinger. Alice, An Alaska Pioneer : A Novel / illustrated by Diane Widom (Homer, Alaska : Saranjon Publishing, 1998), 64 pp., $11.95, ISBN0966528204, order from Cook Inlet Book Company, 415 West Fifth Avenue, Anchorage, AK 99501. The story of a six-year-old girl who leaves the comforts of her grandmother’s Pennsylvania home at the end of World War II and moves to a small Alaskan community is based on actual events.
  29. Repp, Gloria. Mik-Shrok. (Greenville, S.C. : Journey Books, 1998), 133 pp., $6.49, ISBN1579240690, P.O. Box 23346, Santa Fe, NM 87502, 1-800-435-3033. In the first of a three book fictional history, "Adventures of an Arctic Missionary," two young missionaries in Koyalik have their prayers answered when they receive a dog sled team of huskies with Mik-Shrok as its leader. Set in 1950.
  30. Ross, Kathy. Crafts for Kids Who Are Wild About Polar Life / illustrated by Sharon Lane Holm (Brookfield, Conn. : The Millbrook Press, 1998), 48 pp., $22.40, ISBN0761309551, 2 Old New Milford Road — Dept. LS, Brookfield, CT 06804, 1-800-462-4703. Twenty simple projects include a walrus mask and a harp seal puppet.
  31. Shahan, Sherri. Frozen Stiff (New York: Delacorte Press, 1998), 151 pp., $14.95, ISBN0385323034, Random House, Inc., 1540 Broadway, New York, NY 10036. A kayak/camping trip to Russell Fjord leads to near disaster as Hubbard Glacier starts a rapid advance and finds cousins Cody and Derek extremely unprepared for the resulting adventure.
  32. Sherrow, Victoria. The Exxon Valdez : Tragic Oil Spill (Springfield, N.J. : Enslow, 1998), 48 pp., $18.95, ISBN0766010589, Box 699, 44 Fadem Road, Springfield, NJ 07081-0699, 1-800-398-2504. Information about why the grounding occurred includes a description of the cleanup effort.
  33. Sloat, Teri. There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Trout / illustrated by Renold Ruffins (New York : Henry Holt and Company, 1998), unpaged, $15.95, ISBN0805042946, Von Holtzbrinck Publishing Services, 16365 James Madison Highway, Gordonsville, VA 22942, 1-888-330-8477. The Pacific Northwest version of "The Little Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly" features a fishy meal.
  34. Smelcer, John and Tricia Wilson. Walk About: Life in an Ahtna Athabaskan Village / illustrated by Robert Jordan (Glennallen, Alaska : Ahtna Heritage Foundation, 1998), 30 pp., $10.00 (out of print), ISBN0965631036, PO Box 213, Glennallen, AK. 99588. A description of life in an Ahtna Athabaskan village includes the Ahtna word and pronunciation for each word highlighted in the text.
  35. Spezialy, Milly. Gold Rush Poodle / illustrated by the author (Anchorage, Alaska : Six Suns Publishing Company, 1998), unpaged, cloth, $14.95, ISBN0965420035, or paperback, $9.95, ISBN0965420043, PO Box 112852, Anchorage, AK 99511-2852. In 1898 Pierre travels the Chilkoot Trail with his mistress as she searches for her lost brother.
  36. Stefoff, Rebecca. Alaska (Tarrytown, N.Y. : Benchmark Books, 1998), 144 pp., $32.79, ISBN0761402071, Marshall Cavendish Corporation, 99 White Plains Road, PO Box 2001, Tarrytown, NY 10591, 1-800-821-9881. One of the "Celebrate the States" series, this title includes general information about Alaska plus the population of the ten largest cities, a synopsis of state government, information about the economy and ethnic makeup, the state song with words and music, and a history timeline.
  37. Strasser, Todd. Grizzly Attack (New York : Pocket Books, 1998), 149 pp., $3.99, ISBN0671023101, Pocket Books Ordering Dept., 200 Old Tappan Rd., Old Tappan, NJ 07675, 1-800-223-2336. Tyler arrives in Alaska for his dream vacation and finds his Uncle Jake seriously ill. When he goes fishing, he disturbs a rogue grizzly bear. A title in the "Against the Odds" series.
  38. Taylor, Harriet Peck. Ulaq and the Northern Lights / illustrated by the author (New York : Farrar Straus Giroux, 1998), unpaged, $16.00, ISBN 0374380635,. As Ulaq the fox travels across the tundra, he learns that each animal he meets explains the northern lights in a different way.
  39. Tessendorf, K.C. Over the Edge : Flying With the Arctic Heroes (New York : Atheneum Books for Young Readers, 1998), 116 pp., $17.00, ISBN0689318049, Simon & Schuster Ordering Dept., 200 Old Tappan Rd., Old Tappan, NJ 07675, 1-800-223-2336. Tessendorf details several attempts to reach the North Pole, some of the attempts were from Alaska. There is substantial information about Carl Ben Eielson.
  40. Tiulana, Paul. Wise Words of Paul Tiulana : An Inupiat Alaskan’s Life / photographed by Bernard R. Hubbard and edited by Vivian Senungetuk (New York : Franklin Watts, 1998), 80 pp., $22.00, ISBN0531114481, Grolier Publishing, 6 Parklane Dr., Bethel, CT 06801, 1-800-621-1115. Paul Tiulana’s story presents the life of an Alaskan hunter, storyteller, craftsman, and traditional leader who grew up on King Island in the 1920s. An earlier version of this book was published as A place for winter: Paul Tiulana’s story, by the CIRI foundation in 1987.
  41. Von Ammon, Helen. Alaska Llama : Far North Hero / illustrated by Erin Mauterer (San Francisco : Doodlebug Books, 1998), 37 pp., $12.95, ISBN0964775670, 48 San Antonio Pl., San Francisco, CA 94133-4054. Facts about llamas are woven into this story of a llama born and raised in Alaska.
  42. Walker, James. The Ice Princess (Minneapolis : Bethany House Publishers, 1998), 287 pp. $8.99, ISBN15556617038, 11400 Hampshire Ave S., Minneapolis, MN 55438, 1-800-328-6109. The last book in "The Wells Fargo Trail" series (#8), Zac and Jenny travel to the old Russian capital in Sitka, hoping to help Jenny’s sister and uncle.
  43. © Walsh Shepherd, Donna. The Klondike Gold Rush (New York : Franklin Watts, 1998), 64 pp., cloth, $22.00, ISBN0531203603, or paperback, $6.95, ISBN0531159094, Grolier Publishing, 6 Parklane Dr., Bethel, CT 06801, 1-800-621-1115. From the "A First Book" series, Walsh Shepherd concentrates on the stories of those lured to the Yukon gold fields from the first discovery to information about the area one hundred years later. Helpful internet resources are appended.
  44. Wood, Beverley & Chris Wood. Dogstar (Custer, Wash. : Orca, 1998), 253 pp., $6.95, ISBN1896095372, PO Box 468 Custer, WA 98240-0468. Jeff is still mourning the death of his bull terrier when his parents take him on an Alaskan cruise. In Juneau, he follows another bull terrier into the past and helps find a lost treasure. This book first appeared in Canada in 1997, published by Polestar Sirius Books.
  45. Yolen, Jane. Welcome to the Ice House / illustrated by Laura Regan (New York : G.P. Putnam’s Sons, 1998), unpaged, $15.99, ISBN0399230114, 375 Hudson St., New York, NY 10014-3657, 1-800-331-4624. Poet Jane Yolen describes the long Arctic winter and its wildlife and the sudden explosion of spring and summer and the animals and plants that flourish then.

Adult Fiction

compiled by Ann S. Doyle, Alaska State Library.

  1. Davis, Neil. Battling Against Success (Ester, Alaska : McRoy & Blackburn, Publishers, 1997), 259 pp., cloth, $26.95, ISBN0963259679, or paperback, $ , ISBN0963259660, P.O. Box 276, Ester, AK 99725. Autobiographical novel of a family’s struggle to wrest a homestead from the wilderness provides the setting for a portrait of a boy growing up in Alaska’s Interior in the years just before statehood.
  2. Flinkman, Marilou H. The Alaskan Way (Uhrichsville, Ohio : Heartsong Presents, 1998), 170 pp., ISBN1577482700, 1810 Barbour Dr., Uhrichsville, Ohio 44683, 1-800-852-8010. Inspirational G-rated contemporary Christian romance.
  3. Goldstrand, Theresa. Alaskan Magic (New York : Avalon Books, 1998), 186 pp., $17.95. "An Avalon romance," ISBN080349324X, Thomas Bouregy & Co., Inc. (401 Lafayette Street, New York, N.Y. 10003, 1-800-223-5251. When accountant Lauren Cole leaves her ex-fiance in San Diego to go to Alaska to help her twin brother, Mark, on his salmon-fishing boat for the summer, danger and romance await her.
  4. Gray, Ed. The Lake of the Beginning (Minocqua, Wis. : Willow Creek Press, 1998), 126 pp., $22.50, ISBN1572230851, Willow Creek Press, P.O. Box 147, Minocqua, WI 54548, 1-800-850-6453. The tale interweaves the natural history of sockeye salmon returning upstream to their home lake, tribal tales of an ancient Inuit man, and a young college professor who has brought her two children to Alaska to spread their grandmother’s ashes on the mystic lake.
  5. Henry, Sue. Deadfall : an Alaska Mystery (New York : Avon Books, 1998), 296 pp., $22.00, ISBN0380976617, 1350 Avenue of the Americas, 2nd Fl., New York, NY 10019, 1-800-223-0690. To avoid the dangerous stranger who’s stalking her, an Iditarod musher seeks refuge on a desolate island in Kachemak Bay – and winds up playing a terrifying game of hide-and-seek with a killer.
  6. Lane, Christopher. Elements of a Kill : an Inupiat Eskimo Mystery (New York : Avon Books, 1998), 340 pp., $5.99, ISBN0380798700, 1350 Avenue of the Americas, 2nd Fl., New York, NY 10019, 1-800-223-0690. Police detective Ray Attla, an Inupiat Eskimo, is spending a few days with his grandfather on the reservation when he’s called into the icy Alaskan wilderness to investigate a death at an isolated oil rig. The killing has all the marks of a ritual murder, and Ray must confront the traditions of his People to catch a killer -–before he too becomes a victim.
  7. Parry, Richard. The Wolf's Pack (New York : Forge, 1998), 351 pp., $24.95, ISBN031286020X, c/o Tor Books, 175 Fifth Avenue, New York NY 10010. "A Tom Doherty Associates book." Parry continues his "Wyatt Earp in Alaska" series set during Alaska’s Klondike Gold Rush. Nathan and Riley come up against venal Barnette and wind up opposing the Fairbanks kingpin.
  8. Reese, Robert. Alaskan Gold (New York : Berkley Books, 1998), 297 pp., $5.99, ISBN042516263X, 200 Madison Ave., New York, NY 10016, 800-788-6262. New Orleans gentleman Clay Macon journeys to the rugged frontier territory of Alaska during the Gold Rush in search of the fabled gold fortune his father left behind. But what Clay discovers is a side of his father he never knew – and a secret buried deeper than any Yukon gold.
  9. Rust, Megan Mallory. Dead Stick (New York, NY : Berkley Prime Crime, 1998), 201 pp., $5.99, ISBN0425162966, 200 Madison Ave., New York, NY 10016, 1-800-631-8571. From last-minute wake-up rescue calls to sexist co-workers to perilous travel through the Alaskan wilderness, aviator Taylor Morgan has seen it all. But when a woman Taylor approved for piloting the LifeLine Air Ambulance crashes without explanation, Taylor turns from pilot to Private Investigator, and soon senses danger everywhere. Now she must quickly uncover the truth behind the crash, before she too meets with a fatal "accident."
  10. Saghani, Johnny. A Cold Day to Die : a Novel (Anchorage : Salmon Run Press, 1998), 153 pp., paperback, $12.95, ISBN1887573046, P.O. Box 672130, Chugiak, AK 99567-2130. Based on real life events, this is the story of a young Indian man raised in a rural village surrounded by alcoholism, poverty, and dissolution, and about the contemporary urban social problems which define and affect his life.
  11. Stabenow, Dana. Fire and Ice : a Liam Campbell Mystery (New York : Dutton, 1998), 264 pp., $23.95, ISBN0525944389, 375 Hudson St., New York, NY 10014-3657.. After losing his family and his career, an Alaskan State Trooper finds himself on a plane to his new posting—a small native town far from Anchorage. And fate isn't finished with him yet. No sooner does he set foot off the plane than he is confronted with a dead body and the accusing glare of the only woman he'd ever truly loved . . . and lost.
  12. Stabenow, Dana. Killing Grounds : a Kate Shugak Mystery (New York : G.P. Putnam's Sons, 1998), 273 pp., $22.95, ISBN0399143564, 375 Hudson St., New York, NY 10014-3657, 1-800-331-4624. With the attention to the details and difficulties of Alaskan life and another of the brilliantly crafted plots that have made her one of the Pacific Northwest's finest writers, Dana Stabenow has created a picture postcard from the Last Frontier, where the call of the wild should never be underestimated in politics, in commercial fishing, or in murder.
  13. © Stein, Garth. Raven Stole the Moon : a Novel (New York : Pocket Books, 1998), 369 pp., $22.00, ISBN067100459X, Pocket Books Ordering Dept., 200 Old Tappan Rd., Old Tappan, NJ 07675, 1-800-223-2336. In this haunting debut, Garth Stein brilliantly invokes his Native American heritage and its folklore to create an electrifying supernatural thriller. When a grieving mother returns to the remote Alaskan town where her young son drowned, she discovers that the truth about her son's death is shrouded in legend—and buried in a terrifying wrinkle between life and death.
  14. Stories of the Far North, introduction by Jon Tuska (Lincoln : University of Nebraska Press, 1998), 145 pp., $15.00, ISBN0803294344, University of Nebraska Press, 312 North 14th Street, Lincoln, Nebraska 68588. "Bison books"—Spine. The league of the old men / Jack London — The Trail of 'Ninety-eight (ballad) / Robert Service — The test / Rex Beach — The strength of men / James Oliver Curwood — The man who goes alone / Max Brand — The great hunger / Dan Cushman — Mush fast or die! / Les Savage, Jr. — Cheechako trouble / James B. Hendryx — Color at Forty-Mile / Tim Champlin. These stories revolve around the Klondike gold rush of 1898. Well known and little-known authors have contributed to this collection, some brought back into print after many decades.
  15. Straley, John, 1953- The Angels Will Not Care (New York : Bantam Books, 1998), 225 pp., $22.95, ISBN0553106422, Random House, Inc., 1540 Broadway, New York, NY 10036, 1-800-323-9872. Straley's fifth crime novel tells a superb tale of unrelenting suspense and sly humor. When his P.I. business goes on the rocks, Cecil Younger jumps at the chance to investigate a series of unexplained deaths on a first-class cruise ship.
  16. Warner, Irving. In Memory of Hawks & Other Stories from Alaska (Port Angeles, WA : Pleasure Boat Studio, 1998), 210 pp., paperback, $15.00, ISBN0965141349, 802 East Sixth, Port Angeles, WA 98362, 1-888-810-5308. Written between 1973 and 1998, the weave and fabric of these stories reflect Irving Warner's twenty-one years within the field of fisheries followed by twelve years teaching at a small college in Kodiak, Alaska. These are stories about living in the wild, often alone, sometimes with a small group of others. They tell of people who went to Alaska to escape their lives and who found, instead, that Alaska truly forced them to face the very evils which they'd hoped to leave behind.
  17. Welther, Kenneth Edward. Eight Stars of Gold (Pittsburgh, Pa. : Dorrance Publishing Co., 1998), 73 pp., paperback, $9.35, ISBN0805943927, 643 Southfield St., Pittsburgh, PA 15222, 1-800-788-7654. Story of life in Alaska in the fifties and sixties. It tells the story of a young boy, love and romance, marriage, and the tragedies of life in a desolate area.

Adult Non-fiction

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Addresses for Selected Alaskana Bookstores*

* Information about Alaska writers and booksellers and a list of bookstores (with mailing addresses) in Alaska.

  1. Barnes & Noble Booksellers, 200 East Northern Lights Blvd, Anchorage AK, 99503 USA / Tel: 907-279-7323 / Fax: 907-279-7322
  2. Borders Books and Music, 1100 E. Dimond Blvd, Anchorage, AK 99515 USA / Tel: 907-344-4099/ Fax:: 907-344-6912 / e-mail:
  3. Cook Inlet Book Company
    This store closed in 2006 due to bankruptcy. For historical background on the store, visit their LitSite Profile.
  4. Hearthside Books, 8745 Glacier Hwy, Juneau, AK 99801 / Tel: 907-789-2750 or 1-800-478-1000/ Fax: 907-789-7480/ e-mail:
  5. Mac's Fireweed, 203 Main Street, Whitehorse, Yukon, CANADA Y1A 2B2/ Tel: 867-668-6104 or 800-661-0508/ FAX: 867-668-5548/ e-mail:
  6. Old Harbor Books, 201 Lincoln Street, Sitka, AK 99835 / Tel: 907-747-8808 / e-mail:

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