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Alaska Public Library Statistics FY1987-Date


Alaska’s public libraries file an annual report each year with the Alaska State Library in order to remain eligible for the annual public library assistance grant. The state data from these annual reports is published as spreadsheets (XLS) and tables (PDF), both of which are available for download on this page. The Excel spreadsheets include the entire data set collected annually. The PDF files include specialized tables. PDF files can be viewed within your browser or a PDF reader like Adobe Reader.

This data is submitted each year to the Public Libraries in the United States Survey, which compiles data from over 9,000 public libraries located in every state. The National Center for Education Statistics operated this program from 1989 to 2007. The Institute of Museum and Library Services became responsible for this program in late 2007. The national data is recorded in the publication Public Libraries in the United States Survey, as well as the data tables found on this page.

The purpose for the public libraries statistics program states: “Public libraries across the nation fill important educational, informational, economic, cultural, and recreational needs of the people they serve. Their continuing ability to fill these needs is essential to the life of the nation. Reliable, consistent public library statistics will provide both the basis for effective management and a continuing assessment of the status of public libraries.”

Spreadsheets: Alaska Annual Data, FY1987 – Date

These annual spreadsheets (XSL) and Comma Separated Values (CSV) files include data for every question asked on the annual report form sent to every Alaska public library. The annual report form asks questions that are sent to every public library in the country as part of the national public library statistics program described above; the form also asks questions that are collected on a statewide basis alone. These spreadsheets are arranged in alphabetical order by the name of the community.

Full Publications: Statistics of Alaska's Public Libraries, FY1987—FY2005

PDF version of each full publication (FY1987—FY2005) of the statistics of Alaska's public libraries.

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