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Some Books About Alaska 2000

Adult Fiction
Adult Non-Fiction
Addresses for Selected Alaskana Bookstores


The Alaska State Library produces this annual publication because we feel that such an annotated list is of value to libraries in Alaska. We have attempted to make this list as complete as possible for titles that appeared in 2000 as well as some titles missed in previous years. Some Books About Alaska notes books that are not necessarily held by the Alaska State Library. Please consult your local library or other library databases for libraries holding these titles. NOT included are general travel guides to Alaska and books, such as the Milepost, which are published annually.

Every attempt has been made to have each title reviewed by a librarian. Several Alaskan librarians from around the state assisted in this compilation. Especially helpful have been Kay Myers and Bruce Merrell of Anchorage Municipal Libraries. Kay reviewed the children's books. Bruce reviewed non-fiction titles with me and also shared his listing that appeared first in the journal published by the Alaska Historical Society, Alaska History. Thanks to that publication for agreeing to let us reprint some of the entries. I also thank Hearthside Books of Juneau for allowing me to review books from their shelves and Cook Inlet Book Company of Anchorage for doing the same for Bruce.

Many titles are available through interlibrary loan, and libraries are encouraged to review titles before making the decision to purchase.

Publications are available from the publisher of the work or other indicated source. Bookstores in Alaska also offer these titles, at times with a discount to libraries. The last page of this publication notes some bookstores in the state that may have the more obscure current Alaskan titles. Also, visit their websites, which often offer titles at discount prices.

The Alaska State Library does not offer books for sale. Also, remember that all prices are subject to change and that those prices listed here may no longer be accurate. In some cases, we have received the book as a gift and do not know the price.

Annotations to the list:

@ First Purchase Recommendation: As in past years, we are using this feature to designate those books which the committee felt were most worthy of consideration for first purchase by small and medium-sized libraries and school library-media centers. Each library must, of course, make its own decision on whether to purchase these titles, comparing each to the library's book selection policy. Our choices are necessarily subjective, but we have attempted to include titles of general interest and to omit those which are highly specialized. We also have not marked materials of local interest only, but have noted regional publications which we felt were outstanding.

ASD Alaska State Depository: A small selection of titles produced by the Alaska state government as well as non-state publications received for distribution by the Alaska State Documents Program at the Alaska State Library are listed. They are noted here to alert readers to publications that may not appear in bookstores. After the bibliographic information, these titles are designated as "ASD" which means that they were distributed to the Alaska State Depositories and thus may be reviewed at libraries participating in the program. The address and/or contact within the agency is included with the citation. Thanks to Daniel Cornwall, Government Publications Librarian, Alaska State Library, for his assistance with the selection and annotation of these titles.

Alaska materials can be elusive, being published in limited quantity with little publicity. We will appreciate receiving information for current, especially locally produced, titles not included here. Please send comments and inquiries to the following address: Alaska Historical Collections, Alaska State Library, PO Box 110571, Juneau, AK 99811-0571.

--Kathryn H. Shelton, Chief Librarian,
Alaska Historical Collections
September 2001


Compiled by Kay Myers, Anchorage Municipal Libraries

Arnosky, Jim. Beaver Pond, Moose Pond (Washington, D.C. : National Geographic Society, 2000), unpaged, cloth, $15.95, ISBN 0792276922.Various animals share life in a northern pond. It's a beaver's home, a moose's dinner, a duck's swimming pool.

Caldwell, Francis E. The Search for the Amigo (Victoria, B.C. : Trafford Publishing, 2000) 276 pp., paper, $17.95, ISBN 155212469X. Two children are stranded on the fishing vessel Amigo in the Gulf of Alaska during the worst storm of the century.

Dubois, Muriel L. Alaska Facts and Symbols (Mankato, MN : Capstone Press [Bridgestone Books], 2000), 24 pp., cloth, $18.60, ISBN 0736805222. "The States and Their Symbols" series presents fast facts about each state and also easy-to-read coverage on major state symbols.

Dunphy, Madeleine. The Peregrine's Journey : a Story of Migration / Kristin Kest, Illustrator (Millbrook Press, 2000), 32 pp., library binding, $22.95, ISBN 0761313532. Follows a peregrine falcon on her 8,000 mile migration from Alaska to Argentina, describing what she sees and does along the way.

Dwyer, Mindy. Quilt of Dreams / illustrated by the author (Portland, OR : Alaska Northwest Books, 2000) 32 pp., cloth, $15.95, ISBN 0882405225, paper, $8.95, ISBN 0882405217. Working on one of her Grandma's unfinished quilts gives Katy extra special memories of her Gran.

Fowler, Susi Gregg. Albertina, the Animals, and Me / illustrated by Jim Fowler (New York : Greenwillow Books, 2000), 96 pp., cloth, $14.95, ISBN 0688171273, library binding, $14.89, ISBN 06880291605. In Fowler's sequel to Albertina the Practically Perfect (1998), Albertina and her friend Molly want pets but lack their parents' approval.

Gray, Susan H. Tundra (Minneapolis : Compass Point Books, 2000), 48 pp., library binding, $15.95, ISBN 0756500249. The difference between "arctic" and "alpine" tundra is clarified in this First Report series title.

Grooms, Molly. We Are Bears / illustrated by Lucia Guarnotta (Minnetonka, MN : NorthWord Press, 2000), 31 pp., cloth, $12.95, ISBN 1559717475. Mother Bear and her two cubs leave the den for the first time and begin learning skills,climbing, searching, swimming, digging.

Guenther, James. Turnagain Ptarmigan! Where Did You Go?/ illustrated by Shannon Cartwright (Seattle, WA : Sasquatch Books, 2000), unpaged, cloth, $15.95, ISBN 1570612714, paper, $8.95, ISBN 1570612714. A young girl searches through all the seasons for the beautifully camouflaged willow ptarmigan.

@Hill, Kirkpatrick. The Year of Miss Agnes (New York : Simon & Schuster, 2000), 113 pp., cloth, $16.00, ISBN 0689829337. Ten year old Frederika (Fred) writes of the difficulty finding teachers for their small village school on the Koyukuk River in 1948. Miss Agnes throws away their old textbooks and makes learning enjoyable.

Kalman, Bobbie. What is a Marine Mammal? (New York : Crabtree Publishing Company, 2000), 32 pp., library binding, $19.96, ISBN 0865059365, paper, $5.95, ISBN 0865059543. From a definition of a marine mammal to information about their life in the ocean, this volume in 'The Science of Living Things" series devotes many of its pages to animals found in Alaskan waters.

Lassieur, Allison. The Inuit (Mankato, MN : Capstone Press [Bridgestone Books], 2000), 24 pp., library binding, $15.93, ISBN 0736804986. Historical and current information is provided, as is an official tribe-sponsored web site, in this title in the "Native Peoples" series. School Library Journal (12/00) reports some inconsistencies, omissions and oversimplifications in the series.

Laverde, Arlene. Alaska's Three Pigs / illustrated by Mindy Dwyer. (Seattle, WA : Sasquatch Books, 2000), unpaged, paper, $8.95, ISBN 1570612293, cloth, $15.95, ISBN 1570612722. The three little pigs build homes in rural Alaska and along comes the hungry grizzly bear.

Love, Ann and Jane Drake. The Kids Book of the Far North / illustrated by Jocelyne Bouchard (Toronto, Ontario & Niagara Falls, NY : Kids Can Press, 2000), 48 pp., cloth, $15.95, ISBN 1550745638. Love and Drake present facts, traditional tales, timelines and maps about the history, modern life and natural environment from the circumpolar region.

@ Miller, Debbie S. River of Life / illustrated by Jon Van Zyle (New York : Clarion Books, 2000), 32 pp., cloth, $15.00, ISBN 0395967902. A child observes an Alaskan river all year long and learns how the river provides homes, food and life for many plants and animals.

Mudd-Ruth, Maria. The Tundra (New York : Benchmark Books, 2000), 64 pp., cloth, $27.07, ISBN 0761409025. Sue Sherif's review in School Library Journal (3/00) indicates that this title has some misleading aspects about the tundra in Alaska; incorrect ranges are given for evergreen forests, aspen-birch forests, peatlands, and beaver ponds among other problems in this "Ecosystems of North America" book.

Papademetriou, Dorrie. North Star : St. Herman of Alaska (Crestwood, NY : St. Vladimirs Seminary Press, 2000), cloth, no price listed, ISBN 0881412236, 575 Scarsdale Road, 10707-1699. Biography of Russian Orthodox missionary who lived on Spruce Island Alaska; he died in 1837.

Peterson, Sara Budinger. Alice Meets Inupiat Eskimos /illustrated by Marry Bee Kaufman (Homer, AK : Saranjon, 2000), 68 pp,. ISBN 0966528212. "In this second book of the series, Alice goes to school, makes a friend from one of Alaska's oldest cultures, and 'adopts' a new grandfather. Follow Alice's adventures as she learns about courage, tolerance and love."

Reed-Jones, Carol. Salmon Stream / illustrated by Michael S. Maydak (Nevada City, CA : Dawn Publications, 2000), unpaged, cloth, $16.95, ISBN 1584690143, paper, $7.95, ISBN 1584690135. A salmon stream and the life cycle of salmon are described in this informational picture book in the "Sharing Nature with Children" series. Four pages of facts about Atlantic and Pacific salmon follow the story.

Richter, Bernd C. and Susan E. How Alaska Got Its Flag (Cantwell, AK : Saddle Pal Creations [P.O. Box 175, 99729], 2000), unpaged, paper, $9.95, ISBN 0966349547. Thirteen year old Benny Benson's process to design a flag for Alaska is featured in this fictionalized account of the contest to design Alaska's state flag.

Ring, Susan. Polar Babies / illustrated by Lisa McCue (New York : Random House, 2000), 32 pp., cloth, $13.99, ISBN 0516220101, paper, $3.99, ISBN 0679893873. A title from the "Step Into Reading" series, a simply told story follows two little polar babies and their mother through a busy day.

Senshu, Noriko. Sonny's Dream (Charlottesville, CA : Hampton Roads Publishing, 2000), [30]pp., ISBN 1571742158. "Sonny, a young grizzly bear, lives happily in Alaska with his mother, but he has bad dreams--giant red monster fish swim through his sleep. Sonny's mother teaches him that there is no reason to be afraid, and after hibernating through the winter, Sonny wakes into the green Alaska spring and becomes a grown-up bear."

@ Tookoome, Simon with Sheldon Oberman. The Shaman's Nephew : a Life in the Far North (New York : Stoddart Kids, 2000), 55 pp., cloth, $18.95, ISBN 0773732004. The result of over ten years of interviews and collaboration between writer Oberman and Canadian Inuit artist Tookoome provides an unique and authentic view of Inuit life.

Trottier, Maxine. Dreamstones / paintings by Stella East (New York : Stoddart Kids, 2000), unpaged, cloth, $14. 95, ISBN 0773731911, paper, $7.95, ISBN 0773761411. When a ship exploring the Arctic has to overwinter in the frozen ice, David, the captain's son, follows some animals and loses sight of the ship. The Inukshuk appears to David and helps him survive.

Vaughan, Richard Lee, reteller. Eagle Boy : A Pacific Northwest Native Tale / illustrated by Lee Christiansen (Seattle, WA : Sasquatch Books, 2000), unpaged, cloth, $16.95, ISBN 1570611718. The orphaned Eagle Boy is the only one in the village who likes and shares his salmon with the eagles. The eagles in turn help him survive when the villagers leave him behind during a hard winter.

Whitman, John. Tundra 2000 (New York : HarperCollins Publishers, 2000), 139 pp., paper, $4.50, ISBN 0061071838. Charger is nervous about racing in the Tundra 2000, the toughest NASCAR Unlimited Division off-road race, because his father disappeared in the Alaska tundra when Charger was ten. Tundra 2000 is the third title in the NASCAR Racers series.

Young, Karen Romano. Arctic Investigations : Exploring the Frozen Ocean (Austin, TX : Raintree Steck-Vaughn Publishers, 2000), 48 pp., cloth, $27.12, ISBN 0739812327, paper, $7.95, ISBN 0739812335. Young describes what life is like for scientists in the Arctic and explains their studies past and present.

Adult Fiction

Compiled by Kay Shelton, Alaska State Library

Anderson, Douglas. Mystery in Trib 2 : Alaska Hiking, Flying, and Gold Mining Adventure interwoven with a World War II Mystery (Anchorage, Alaska : Publication Consultants, 2000), 160 pp., 12.95, paper, ISBN 1888125756. Wilderness adventure blended with mystery concerning the loss of a World War II military aircraft.

Bigjim, Fred. Echoes from the Tundra (Kearney, NE : Morris Publishing, 2000), 50 pp., paper, $7.95, ISBN 0967821401, order from Cook Inlet Book Company, 415 West Fifth Avenue, Anchorage, AK 99501. Poetry from Inupiat writer from Nome and Sinrock.

Bigjim, Fred. Plants (Kearney, NE : Morris Publishing, 2000), 243 pp., paper, $12.95, ISBN 0739204963, order from Cook Inlet Book Company, 415 West Fifth Avenue, Anchorage, AK 99501. Novel that pits industrial development and government bureaucracy against the formidable combination of extraterrestrial beings and a Native American's religious and spiritual beliefs.

Boyd, Donna. The Promise (New York : HarperTorch, 2000), 328 pp., paper, $6.99, ISBN 0380790963. "In Alaska, a woman finds a wounded werewolf in the wrechage of a helicopter and nurses him to health. He turns out to be the head of the world's werewolves and the novel tells his story."

Brand, Max. The Masterman : a North-Western Story (Five Star First Edition Western Series)(Unity, ME : FiveStar, 2000), 197 pp., cloth, $21.95, ISBN 0786220996. Western set in Alaska.

Brennan, Tom. Moose Dropping and Other Crimes against Nature : Funny Stories from Alaska (Fairbanks : Epicenter Press, 2000), 155 pp., paper, $12.95, ISBN 0945397844, Box 82368, Kenmore, WA 98028. "A feast of funny stories, jokes, and outlandish humor."

Dauenhauer, Nora. Life Woven with Song (Tucson : University of Arizona Press, 2000), 135 pp., cloth, $29.95, ISBN 0816520054, or paper, $6.95, ISBN 0816520062, Tucson, AZ 85721. Memories of her Tlingit heritage in poetry and prose.

Henry, Sue. Beneath the Ashes : an Alaska Mystery (New York : W. Morrow, 2000), 276 pp., cloth, $23.00, ISBN 0380976625, or 336 pp., paper, $6.50, ISBN 0380798921, 10 East 53rd Street, New York, NY 10022-5299. Mysterious fires and an unknown killer face musher Jessie Arnold in the heart of the Alaska wilderness.

Kafka, Kimberly. True North (New York : Dutton, 2000), 273 pp., cloth, $23.95, ISBN 052594530X, 375 Hudson Street, New York, NY 10014. Two Easterners hire Alaskan bush pilot and events bring her unresolved past to the fore, shattering her refuge in the remote wilderness.

Lane, Christopher. A Shroud of Midnight Sun : an Inupiat Eskimo Mystery (New York : Avon Twilight, 2000), 342 pp., paper, $5.99, ISBN 0380798735, HarperCollins, Publishers, 10 East 53rdStreet, New York, NY 10022. Third of great mystery series with Ray Attla as the protagonist, who gets involved with a murder on his vacation.

Leon, Bonnie. A Sacred Place (Nashville, TN : Broadman & Holman, c2000), 310 pp., paper, $12.99, ISBN 0805421521. As World War I breaks out, the arranged marriage of Mary Matroona, an 18-year-old Aleut girl, to Sean Calhoun, an Irish immigrant, begins a story of enduring human spirit and the power of love to break through every barrier as they spend a year on a remote Aleutian island fox farm.

Macomber, Debbie. Family Men (Toronto : New York : Harlequin Books, c2000) 377 pp., paper, ISBN 0373834357. Midnight sons series romance vol. 2; a series of stories set in a small town in Alaska.

Macomber, Debbie. Last Two Bachelors (Toronto : New York : Harlequin Books, c2000) 377 pp., paper, ISBN 0373834365. Midnight sons series romance vol. 3; finding love and life in Hardluck, Alaska.

McCloskey, William B. Breakers : a Novel (New York : Lyons Press, 2000), 350 p., cloth, $24.95, ISBN 1585740845. Fisherman Hank Crawford fights to keep his business and family intact in this story of Alaska's commercial fishing business increasingly dominated by foreign interlopers.

Morris, Julianna. Callie, Get your Groom (New York : Silhouette Books, 2000), 184 pp., paper, $3.50, ISBN 0373194366. A romance set in Alaska.

Reid, Elwood. Midnight Sun (New York : Doubleday, c2000), 271 pp., cloth, $23.95, ISBN 0385497369, 1540 Broadway, New York, NY 10036. Complex adventure tale about two drifters forced to confront themselves, the Alaska wilderness and a strange millennial cult.

Rust, Megan Mallory. Coffin Corner (New York : Berkeley Prime Crime, 2000), 213 pp., paper, $5.99, ISBN 0425175081, Penguin Putnam Publishing Group, 405 Murray Hill Parkway, East Rutherford, NJ 07073. Another Alaskan mystery of aviator Taylor Morgan.

Savage, Les. In the Land of Little Sticks (Unity, ME : Five Star, 2000), 303 pp., cloth, $21.95, ISBN 0786221119. Western set in Arctic Regions and the Yukon.

Sexton, Thomas F. Autumn in the Alaska Range (Cliffs of Moher, Co. Clare, Ireland : Salmon, 2000), 91 pp., paper, $14.00, ISBN 1903392020, Third collection of poems by former poet laureate and teacher at the University of Alaska Anchorage.

Shankle, Sam Boone. The Radioactive Satellite : an Alaskan Adventure (San Jose: Writers Club Press, 2000), 148 pp., $9.95, paper, ISBN 0595097391. "The crash of a radioactive Russian spy satellite brings government agents, bad guys and a cast of characters together in Cold War Alaska."

Simpson, Marcia. Crow in Stolen Colors (New York : Berkley Prime Crime, 2000), 304 pp., $6.50, paper, ISBN 0425174638, or cloth, $24.95, ISBN 1890208361. "The proprietor of a freight service, Liza Romero has found refuge from her troubled past in Wrangell, a rustic town with a rich history. But after she rescues a young Tlingit boy from certain death, danger begins to plague her every step."

Stabenow, Dana. Midnight Come Again (New York : St. Martin's Minotaur, 2000), 320 pp., $6.99, paper, ISBN 0312978766, or cloth, $23.95, ISBN 0312205961. "Reeling from the shocking murder that shattered her world, private investigator Kate Shugak has vanished into the vast Alaskan wilderness just when Jim Chopin needs her most. The dauntless Alaska State Trooper is ensnared in an intricate case involving the Russian Mafia and a cache of stolen plutonium--a case that will launch him on a treacherous solo undercover FBI assignment in the far western reaches of Bering."

TaleSpinners. Between Two Rivers (Wasilla, AK : TaleSpinners, 2000), 158 pp., paper, ISBN 0966664795, HC 31, Box 5118A, Wasilla, AK 99654. Anthology of poetry, fiction and essays by writers who live between the Matanuska and Susitna Rivers.

Waldman, Ken. Nome Poems (Albuquerque, N.M. : West End Press : Distributed by University of New Mexico Press, 2000), 79 pp., ISBN 0931122988, P.O. Box 27334, Albuquerque, NM 87125. First full volume of poetry describing author's experiences as a teacher and a musician.

Adult Non-Fiction

Compiled by Bruce Merrell, Anchorage Municipal Libraries,
and Kay Shelton, Alaska State Library

Affleck, Edward L. A Century of Paddlewheelers in the Pacific Northwest, the Yukon and Alaska (Vancouver : Alexander Nicolls Press, 2000), 98 pp., paper, $20.00 postpaid, ISBN 092003408X, #208, 2250 S.E. Marine Drive, Vancouver, BC V5P 2S2. Brief technical descriptions and summaries of the careers of hundreds of sidewheel and sternwheel steamboats.

Anderson, James "Andy," as told to Jim Rearden. Arctic Bush Pilot : From Navy Combat to Flying Alaska's Northern Wilderness (Kenmore, WA : Epicenter Press, 2000), 255 pp., paper, $16.95 plus postage, ISBN 0945397836, P.O. Box 82368, Kenmore, WA 98028. Memoirs of a former Navy pilot who pioneered bush plane service in the Koyukuk River area in the 1950s and 1960s.

Armstrong, Robert H., and Marge Hermans. Alaska's Natural Wonders : a Guide to the Phenomena of the Far North (Portland : Alaska Northwest Books, 2000), 94 pp., paper, $12.95 plus postage, ISBN 0882405268, Graphic Arts Center Publishing Company, P.O. Box 10306, Portland, OR 97296-0306. Natural history and folklore of glaciers, aurora borealis, earthquakes, volcanoes, bore tides and more.

Backhouse, Frances, and Adrian Dorst. Hiking with Ghosts : the Chilkoot Trail, Then and Now (Vancouver : Raincoast Books, 1999), 129 pp., paper, $18.95 plus postage, ISBN 1551922762, 9050 Shaughnessy Street, Vancouver, BC V6P 6E5. Overview of favorite hiking trail then and now.

Balzar, John. Yukon Alone : the World's Toughest Adventure Race (New York : Henry Holt, 2000), 304 pp., cloth, $25.00, ISBN 0805059490. "An inside look at the world's most grueling contest follows participants in the Yukon Quest International Sled Dog Race on a 1,023-mile race across frozen rivers, icy mountain passes, and state-sized tracts of uninhabited land to complete the course."

Barer, Burl, Murder in the Family (New York : Kensington Pub. Corp., 2000), 319 pp., paper, $6.50, ISBN 0786011351, 850 Third Avenue, New York, NY 10022. Recounts 1987 killings of mother and two children in Anchorage and subsequent arrest and trial of killer, a relative of the Newman family.

Barry, Mary J. Jack and Nellie Brown : Pioneer Settlers of Anchorage, Alaska (Anchorage : MJP Barry, 2000), 142 pp., paper, $25.00 plus postage, ISBN 0961700971, order from Cook Inlet Book Company, 415 West Fifth Avenue, Anchorage, AK 99501. Life stories of the first permanent residents of Anchorage, who arrived on their honeymoon in 1912 and stayed until their deaths six decades later.

Barske, Dianne. Mostly Music : the Story of Lorene C. Harrison, Alaska's Cultural Pioneer (Anchorage : Publications Consultants, 2000), 248 pp., paper, $19.95 plus postage, ISBN 1888125616, order from Cook Inlet Book Company, 415 West Fifth Avenue, Anchorage, AK 99501. Life story of Anchorage's first music teacher, who has actively served the community for seven decades.

Bartlett, Larry. A Complete Guide to Float Hunting Alaska (Fairbanks, AK : Pristine Publications, 2000), 205 pp., paper, $19.95, ISBN 0966603508. Guide to big game hunting on rivers in Alaska.

Belov, M. I. Russians in the Bering Strait, 1648-1791, / translated by Katerina Solovjova and edited and with an introduction by J. L. Smith (Anchorage : White Stone Press, 2000), 138 pp., cloth, $15.00 plus postage, ISBN 0962672726, 2314 Marian Bay Circle, Anchorage, AK 99515. Originally published in Moscow in 1956, Belov's book was titled Arctic Voyages from Ancient Times to the Middle of the Ninetenth Century. Added as appendices are four other newly translated short historical pieces about Russian eighteenth century voyages to North America.

Bennett, Bo. Rods & Wings : a History of the Fishing Lodge Business in Bristol Bay, Alaska (Anchorage : Publication Consultants, 2000), 384 pp., cloth, $39.95 plus postage, ISBN 1888125624, order from Cook Inlet Book Company, 415 West Fifth Avenue, Anchorage, AK 99501. History of the role of float planes and their pilots in developing world-class sport fishing in southwestern Alaska.

Bergsland, Knut, editor and interpreter. Ancient Aleut Personal Names = Kadaangim Asangin/Asangis : Materials from the Billings Expedition, 1790-1792 (Fairbanks : Alaska Native Language Center, 1998), 202 pp., paper, $16.00 plus $4.50 postage, ISBN 1555000657, P.O. Box 757680, Fairbanks, AK 99775-7680. A glimpse of Aleut culture through an examination of Russian-American tax records.

Bowermaster, Jon. Birthplace of the Winds : Adventuring in Alaska's Islands of Fire and Ice (Washington, DC : Adventure Press/National Geographic), 264 pp., cloth, $26.00 plus postage, ISBN 0792275063, 1145 17th Street NW, Washington, DC 20036-4688. Four adventurous kayakers explore the Islands of the Four Mountains in the middle of the Aleutians.

Breiter, Matthias. The Bears of Katmai : Alaska's Famous Brown Bears (Portland, OR : Graphic Arts Center Pub., 2000), 149 pp., paper, $29.95 plus postage, ISBN 1558685448, Graphic Arts Center Publishing Company, P.O. Box 10306, Portland, OR 97296-0306. Color photographs with text about bears of the Brooks River.

Bringhurst, Robert. A Story as Sharp as a Knife : the Classical Haida Mythtellers and Their World (Lincoln : University of Nebraska Press, 2000), 527 pp., cloth, $45.00 plus postage, ISBN 080321314X or paper, $24.95 plus postage, ISBN 0803261799, Lincoln, NE 68588-0484. A translation and study of stories, poems, and history collected by ethnographer John Swanton.

Bringhurst, Robert. Nine Visits to the Mythworld : Ghandl of the Qahahl Llaanas (Lincoln : University of Nebraska Press, 2000), 224 pp., cloth, $29.95 plus postage, ISBN 0803213166, Lincoln, NE 68588-0484. A month of stories told by "the blind poet of Sunshine and Sealion Town," collected by ethnographer John Swanton in 1900 and 1901 in the Queen Charolotte Islands.

Brown, Stephen Gilbert. Words in the Wilderness : Critical Literacy in the Borderlands (Albany : State University of New York Press, 2000), 229 pp., paper, $17.50, ISBN 0791444058, or cloth, $54.50, ISBN 0791444058, order from Cook Inlet Book Company. Study of literacy; blends vivid personal accounts and theoretical analysis in this account of teacher's experience teaching to Athabascan Indians in Alaska.

Brown, Steven C. Sun Dogs & Eagle Down : the Indian Paintings of Bill Holm (Seattle, WA : Vancouver : University of Washington Press : Douglas & McIntyre, c2000), 198 pp., $35.00, cloth, ISBN 29597947X, P.O. Box 50096, Seattle, WA 98145-5096. Comprehensive collection paintings of North American Indian life, including many from the Pacific Northwest.

Brown, Steven C., editor. Spirits of the Water : Native Art Collected on Expeditions to Alaska and British Columbia, 1774-1910 (Seattle : University of Washington Press, 2000), 207 pp., paper, $45.00 plus postage, ISBN 0295979860, P.O. Box 50096, Seattle, WA 98145-5096. Catalog for an exhibit organized by Fundacion "la Caixa" of Barcelona, Spain; originally published in Spanish.

Brown, Tricia. Fairbanks : Alaska's Heart of Gold, a Traveler's Guide / photographs by Roy Corral (Portland, OR : Alaska Northwest Books, 2000), 94 pp., paper, $12.95 plus postage, ISBN 0882405284, Graphic Arts Center Publishing Company, P.O. Box 10306, Portland, OR 97296-0306. "Alaska Pocket Guide" to Alaska's second largest city.

Brown, Tricia. The World-Famous Alaska Highway : a Guide to the Alcan and Other Wilderness Roads of the North (Golden : Fulcrum Pub., c2000), 287 pp., paper, $21.95 plus postage, ISBN 1555914462. Traveler's guide for driving the Alcan and other Alaska highways, noting historic sites, attractions, recreation, and automotive concerns.

Busch, Briton C., and Barry M. Gough, editors. Fur Traders from New England : the Boston Men in the North Pacific, 1787-1800, The Narratives of William Dane Phelps, William Sturgis & James Gilchrist Swan (Spokane : Arthur H. Clark, 1997), 137 pp., cloth, $29.50 plus postage, ISBN 0870622617, P.O. Box 14707, Spokane, WA 99214. Annotated documents and excerpts from the early fur trade.

Caldwell, Francis E. Cassiar's Elusive Gold (Victoria : Trafford Publishing, 2000), 156 pp., paper, $13.95 plus postage, ISBN 1552123375, 2333 Government Street, Suite 6E, Victoria, BC V8T 4P4. Story of British Columbia's nineteenth century Cassiar gold rush.

Carroll, Suzanne, editor. Births, Marriages, Divorces and Deaths Reported in the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner, 1940-1949 (Fairbanks : Fairbanks Genealogical Society, 2000), 237 pp., comb-bound, $29.00 postpaid, P.O. Box 60534, Fairbanks, AK 99706-0534. Even the names of the deceased in the "Notices to Creditors" classified ads are included among some 15,000 entries.

Chandonnet, Ann. Anchorage : Early Photographs of the Great Land (Skagway : Wolf Creek Books, 2000), 128 pp., paper, $12.95 plus postage, ISBN 0968195563, Box 0769, Skagway, AK 99840. Short pictorial history of Alaska's largest city.

@ Chisholm, Colin. Through Yup'ik Eyes : an Adopted Son Explores the Landscape of Family (Portland : Alaska Northwest Books, 2000), 304 pp., cloth, $23.95 plus postage, ISBN 0882405330, Graphic Arts Center Publishing Company, P.O. Box 10306, Portland, OR 97296-0306. Journey of discovery about his heritage takes author to distant places from his home in California, including Kotlik, Alaska, as he explores his mother's origins.

Cobb, Norma, and Charles W. Sasser. Arctic Homestead : the True Story of One Family's Survival and Courage in the Alaskan Wilds (New York : St. Martin's Press, 2000), 300 pp., cloth, $24.95, ISBN 0312261985, 175 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10010. A man, woman and 5 children homestead in the Minook Valley north of Fairbanks in 1973.

Corbin, Wilford. A World Apart : My Life Among the Eskimos of Alaska (Homer : Wizard Works, 2000), 274 pp., paper, $19.95 plus $3.00 postage, ISBN 1890692034, P.O. Box 1125, Homer, AK 99603. A young North Carolina couple comes north to teach in Wales and Scammon Bay during the 1950s.

@ De Laguna, Frederica. Travels Among the Dena : Exploring Alaska's Yukon Valley (Seattle : University of Washington Press, 2000), 369 pp., cloth, $50.00 plus postage, ISBN 029597902X, P.O. Box 50096, Seattle, WA 98145-5094. Archeological reconnaissance of the middle and lower Yukon River in 1935, illustrated with photos and maps and integrated with reports of earlier explorers.

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Addresses for Selected Alaskana Bookstores*

Barnes & Noble Booksellers, 200 East Northern Lights Blvd, Anchorage AK, 99503 USA / Tel: 907-279-7323 / Fax: 907-279-7322

Borders Books and Music, 1100 E. Dimond Blvd, Anchorage, AK 99515 USA / Tel: 907-344-4099/ Fax:: 907-344-6912 / e-mail:

Cook Inlet Book Company
This store closed in 2006 due to bankruptcy. For historical background on the store, visit their LitSite Profile.

Hearthside Books, 8745 Glacier Hwy, Juneau, AK 99801 / Tel: 907-789-2750 or 1-800-478-1000/ Fax: 907-789-7480/ e-mail:

Mac's Fireweed, 203 Main Street, Whitehorse, Yukon, CANADA Y1A 2B2/ Tel: 867-668-6104 or 800-661-0508/ FAX: 867-668-5548/ e-mail:

Old Harbor Books, 201 Lincoln Street, Sitka, AK 99835 / Tel: 907-747-8808 /

*See the following website for information about Alaska writers and booksellers and a list of bookstores (with mailing addresses) in Alaska:

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